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  1. If you look at other ue5 game developers like the trailer of city skylines you wil laugh at ARK 2 ue5 lol 😂 and other game developers do effort like elder scrolls Skyrim now that ark can learn from. Why not launch ark ASA earlier and look at those who played allot of hours and give us a free pass.
  2. Omg some people just need to grow up. Its just a game. Stop bitching and moaning like babies, wild card have their priorities just like you have. If you paid for the DlC already good on you that means it gives others a chance to buy the dlc end of January and be on the same level as the rest when the dlc comes out. I’ll wait a year if I have to as long as the release is smooth and not glitchy with all the patches and downloads we had with other DLC releases. Then major thing I think wild card need to address to now is the kitting on extinction servers pve official and give teleporters the option for alliance, public and closed. These options would help.
  3. Me S4LT_FRANA and my tribe mate S4LT_Badassjaco also lost his character came from our own server 985 this is our main tribe name S4LT cords are 43 35 sanctuary west, we joined 984 to come and do the king titan as advertised on facebook. The day in game on 984 was 10009 time in game was 22:00 we did killed the king titan along with other 40+ people who also lost their character. We ascended had the cut scene and then we where spawned in level 1 we closed the application and logged back into 984 then we downloaded our character looked at our implant and saw it show alpha at the bottom, i spawned at my sleeping bag and suddenly the game froze and we all where kicked out, we tried to log back in and it showed create new survivor now it does not show our servicvor to be downloaded does not give the option. My wife flew to where i was with the fight and saw my character that im sleeping but yet i cant log in it keep show creat new survivor. HELP please to restore this we lost so mich now all oir tames base everything now. Our main sercer is 985
  4. WC please add more info like who imprinted the dino in the cryo pod info section once the dino is cryoed this would be cool. I think you need to also increase the qeutz speed just a little bit its super slow on big maps
  5. I agree friend they killing the map after this open up and o feel sad they going to let every dino in the game into this nice map and let people fly around with wyverns and rockdrakes and reapers their is no space and its so laggy already in city this will be the. End of the game this 15th the grind was just to waist our time, grow up ark listen to us
  6. I agree they will kill this map if they open they dont care a Fffffff about whats going to happen leave it closed
  7. Why you are going to kill exstinction why leave it so you can transfer no dinos we will reach server cap not cool at all and map will be broken people fly on wyverns so on why? The map wil become to easy
  8. When can we start downloading the data for extinction?
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