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  1. Support (Please Read)

    I'm playing on the medieval persistent cross ark server. He got the scorched engrams in. He's also removing all but one leed from the map to allow for some sea faring.
  2. Support (Please Read)

    Couldn't agree more. How on earth did a survival game turn into something with all of the tech gear? Lol. Have you you figured out how to add the se engrams to your server? Supposedly it's possible but I cannot figure it out.
  3. Support (Please Read)

    @Casanova I have been told by the ragnarok team that this is a primitive plus issue. Not a ragnarok issue. Not sure if I'll get a response though. Haven't been seeing many comments on issues that are present in the game.
  4. Support (Please Read)

    @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz @Wildcard QA Could we get some feedback on this? Since it's an official mod on a released game now. Thanks in advance.
  5. Support (Please Read)

    Ragnarok has been out for over two months now. Can we please get some support @complexminded We still do not have scorched earth saddles, engrams for primitive items (salt, desert gear, whip, water well, etc.). The beehives are not producing beeswax. This is a very large deal when trying to make primitive plus items. Can an we please get some information on when these items will be added? I really enjoy the mod but would like to use items that should be available.
  6. Hey guys / girls, I am currently looking for a very active primitive plus dedicated server on the center map. Community events / economy would be a plus. Thanks in advance
  7. Hey guys / girls, I'm looking for a hidden base location for a small tribe of 1-3 people on the center map. I would like for the location to be accessible by land Dino's and have room for Dino storage but not too much room to be very easily seen (maybe a cave). Most people on our server are located in the jungles south, mid, north and south / north trop island. The redwoods and snow biomes seem to be open. Any suggestions for spots to check out in those areas? Also, if we live in the snow biome what is the minimum amount of fortitude one would need with a full serif primitive fur armor? Thanks in advance.
  8. How do you get higher level hatches?

    Only the post game stats count (the ones when the Dino stands up and says "you tamed a _"). The best one to experiment with is the Ptera since they're fairly easy to knock out / tame. The baby inherits the stats from the parents. So let's say you have a high health dad and a high stamina mom. You want to keep breeding until you get both of those stats onto the baby and then go for the next stat.