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  2. SCORTCHED EARTH, PVE, NA, BOOSTED SCORTCHED EARTH, PVE, NA, BOOSTED.... come join us, please contact GROGRAWR or TATSBYWILL for invite. Casual gaming.
  3. MAP IS THE CENTER NOTE: THIS SERVER IS AGE 18+ AND NA ONLY. THANK YOU. Howdy ARKers, just dropping by to tell you about our brand new sandbox PvP server on The Center: Grograwr! The host GT is "Grograwr". I describe it as "Sandbox" because rates are boosted to eliminate the grind for the most part and allow you to focus on the PvP aspect. You will be able to set up a solid base within a few days easily and rebuilding after a raid will be inconsequential. We've set it up like this because we love the PvP and raiding aspects of the game. Getting rid of the grind allows you to spend the majority of your time on the game enjoying the PvP. We ask that you not apply to join the server unless you are age 18+. We'd prefer to avoid all the immature drama and pettiness that the younger crowd brings and we'd like to maintain a mature atmosphere. Survivor Downloads WILL be allowed, but no dino or item downloads. We allow survivor downloads to eliminate the leveling grind; You can spawn in a level 98 on your single player session and import it to our server. I'll give a full list of adjusted settings and rates a little further down, but for now let's talk rules. RULES 1. No Killing New Players - We understand it can be hard to tell which players are new and which aren't. You won't be punished for killing a single berrypicker, but if we receive constant reports of a certain person or tribe harassing new spawns we will take action. If youre a new player contact the admin so we know to place a red billboard outside your base. NEW PLAYERS BASES WILL BE MARKED WITH A RED BILLBOARD INDICATING THEYRE UNDER THE SDMINS PROTECTION FOR 1 WEEK. 2. No Excessive Caging - Caging should only be used as a raiding instrument. Caging someone you're actively raiding to keep them out of the fight is 100% ok. Leaving them caged briefly after the raid is also acceptable. What isn't acceptable, however, is leaving people caged indefinitely. Don't be a sausage and try to keep people from playing. 3. No Brontos - I know, this is a weird rule. The reason we've listed this rule is because brontos have been known to cause server lag, especially with rates like our server has. With the gathering rates we have you can easily get more than enough berries with a trike or stego; there's no reason a bronto should ever be truly necessary. 4. No Complaining to Admins Needlessly - This isn't actually a rule like the others, just a guideline really. If you have proof that people have been violating the rules then absolutely message us to let us know. Don't complain to us about anything other than violations of those 3 rules, though. We don't want to hear about how you got offline raided or your passive tames got killed. This is meant to be a brutal pvp server. We don't police the tactics used in PvP unless it breaks one of our rules. 5. No building at metal or beaver spawns and dont block caves -This rule is to keep resources for for the entire map. 6. No TROLLING- This rule is also self-explanatory, if you consistently break this rule and are reported to the admin on duty, action will be taken. This includes but is not limited to destroying another player or tribe’s base completely or to an extent that makes it impossible for a person to be able to play on the server, setting up turrets outside of a player or tribe’s base so that they are unable to leave it, taking food/narcotics out of a unconscious animal that is being tamed without killing the animal. 7. Protection zones- These zones are not to be targeted by pvp tactics like bombs, c4, kited dinos, ect. These zones are more than likely the admins no pvp builds or new players. ADMIN POLICY We, the admins, will be participating on the server. We will each have 2 separate accounts; 1 admin account and 1 player account. Our admin accounts will be untribed and will not participate in PvP whatsoever. They will only be used for dino wipes and community events. Our player accounts will have 0 interaction with our admin accounts. We will be tribing up on our player accounts and participating in PvP, but we will not be using admin accounts to benefit our player tribe in any way. The tribe we participate in pvp with will have no admins involved with the tribe. RATES COMING SOON!!!! I will be presenting the full list of adjusted rates: Enable Crosshairs Show Map Player Location No Item Downloads No Dino Downloads Difficulty: 1.0 XP Multiplier: Taming Multiplier: Gathering Multiplier: Player Character Food Drain: Player Character Water Drain: Player Character Stamina Drain: Dino Character Stamina Drain: Force Allow Cave Flyers Non Permanent Diseases PvP Zone Structure Damage: Night Time Speed: Spoiling Time: Item Decomposition Time: Corpse Decomposition Time: No Resource Radius - Players: No Resource Radius - Structures: Resources Respawn Period: Crop Growth Speed: Lay Egg Interval: Mating Interval: Egg Hatch Speed: Baby Mature Speed: Resources Respawn Period: - PLAYER STATS - Health: Stamina: Oxygen: Weight: Damage: Speed: Fortitude: - DINO STATS - Health: Stamina: Weight: Damage: Speed: