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  1. Where the heck is the Ovis Aries???

    Does anyone keep thinking the deer without horns and the sheep look similar.?
  2. Raising Dinos in Water?

    Floating babys isnt a glitch like unspoilable meat..
  3. Center tek tier...

    Even on the holiday content the center gets the short end of the stick. Might as well get use to it...
  4. Sounds like the kinks are not worked out yet... don't understand why they put out content that don't work properly.
  5. I am from the egg tribe you raided and have proof that you raided us. You only been on the server for a week. Built right above us in a glitch spot under the water fall. Imported all your stuff in the server.I have pictures of your tribes sleeping bags in our base devdevlin right after yall raided us.. the donner party has over 500 turrets full of bullets. You cant raid them so stop trying to get outher people to do your dirty work and grow up you big cry baby...
  6. SERVER OUTAGE 751,752,750

    Lost 2 dinos because of this outage... awesome....
  7. SERVER OUTAGE 751,752,750

    Still not fixed
  8. lvl 300 giga

    We have a lvl 293 bred giga and it still got a few more lvls to go..
  9. Same thing on lava.. our base is constantly getting alfas and wild dinos spawning in.. we started keeping some strong dinos on neutral to help and also spreading foundations but they still get in...