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  1. themoneyshot76

    What keeps you going?

    I got bored really quickly when i played on off.servers. i was either solo or in a small tribe and it was just constant wipes and grief from alphas or mega tribes and that was on nearly every type of server. Now i play on a private RP server call The Circle of Life. Its slightly boosted so its not too much of a slog but its far from easy either with high levelled dinos to balancd it out. Its more kinda lite RP with towns and villages, shops and traders. It has its own peacekeepers who maintain law from sausage players. Pvp and raiding is allowed but not slaughtering passive tames and full wiping bases. The admins are so friendly and helpful and there are tons of events. Like dodo basketball or gladiator arena battles. I honestly could never go back to off.servers after playing here. Why would I when i have everything here that i need. Pvp and amazing medival buildings and arenas, etc . Even huge olde pirate type boats. Its a complete no brainer. I'll leave off.servers to the trolls and the few decent players determined to stick it out. Lol have fun because i know i am.
  2. themoneyshot76

    Block spammers on Global chat

    I wish i could block players on global chat who constantly talk crap. Sometimes it can be funny but it always ends up in a slanging match and just gets annoying. Im thick skinned and absolutely nothing can offend me but i can easily see how somebody else could. Or a parent etc.
  3. Hi Laurdana, Ive sent you a pm. If my application is successful my tribe and i would be looking to join up asap. Im an arkoholic and im gettin the shakes lol. Thanks.