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  1. Block spammers on Global chat

    I wish i could block players on global chat who constantly talk crap. Sometimes it can be funny but it always ends up in a slanging match and just gets annoying. Im thick skinned and absolutely nothing can offend me but i can easily see how somebody else could. Or a parent etc.
  2. Peaceful Server?

    Hi, my tribe are looking for a new server to rebuild on due to being raided constantly on pvp. We are a group of guys aged 35-40 that just wanna chill. We r a peaceful tribe that helps newbies. Can u tell more about ur server or where to find the info. Im not on facebook. Cheers.
  3. Hi Laurdana, Ive sent you a pm. If my application is successful my tribe and i would be looking to join up asap. Im an arkoholic and im gettin the shakes lol. Thanks.
  4. We Bandits PvE

    Nah theyll just come back as the sticky bandits. Lol
  5. NA and EU servers

    Hi. My tribe moved to an NA server and we r from the uk. One of the main reasons for this was beacause i wanted to interact with more english speaking players(easier to sort out disputes etc). Every EU server i played in was full of french,spanish speakers and quite hostile. And tbh i have found the NA server we play in to be the friendliest yet. The lag hasnt been any worse either really.
  6. Hi, i have a small friendly tribe with 3 members. We too are sick of high lvl guys on flyers wrecking our base and killing tames for no reason. ( do they really want my wood and thatch so bad lol). I have been lookin for a 24/7 pvpve server. Send me an invite plz if there is room. We are all 35+ mics. Thanks. Psn TheMoneyShot-76.