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  1. Block spammers on Global chat

    I wish i could block players on global chat who constantly talk crap. Sometimes it can be funny but it always ends up in a slanging match and just gets annoying. Im thick skinned and absolutely nothing can offend me but i can easily see how somebody else could. Or a parent etc.
  2. Peaceful Server?

    Hi, my tribe are looking for a new server to rebuild on due to being raided constantly on pvp. We are a group of guys aged 35-40 that just wanna chill. We r a peaceful tribe that helps newbies. Can u tell more about ur server or where to find the info. Im not on facebook. Cheers.
  3. Hi Laurdana, Ive sent you a pm. If my application is successful my tribe and i would be looking to join up asap. Im an arkoholic and im gettin the shakes lol. Thanks.
  4. We Bandits PvE

    Nah theyll just come back as the sticky bandits. Lol
  5. NA and EU servers

    Hi. My tribe moved to an NA server and we r from the uk. One of the main reasons for this was beacause i wanted to interact with more english speaking players(easier to sort out disputes etc). Every EU server i played in was full of french,spanish speakers and quite hostile. And tbh i have found the NA server we play in to be the friendliest yet. The lag hasnt been any worse either really.
  6. Hi, i have a small friendly tribe with 3 members. We too are sick of high lvl guys on flyers wrecking our base and killing tames for no reason. ( do they really want my wood and thatch so bad lol). I have been lookin for a 24/7 pvpve server. Send me an invite plz if there is room. We are all 35+ mics. Thanks. Psn TheMoneyShot-76.
  7. Switching to Primative

    Hi, thanks for reply, but tbh i dont mnd the glitches etc. I knew that ark an primitive+ are a wip when i bought them. Dont get me wrong i dont think for one second that it is worth full price release but i bought it for £30 which i feel is worth it for the amount of hours i have put in. On my original post topic, i have to amit to finding it frustrating. All good spots seem to be taken and the maps look like poop because of the amount of harvesting. Might have to look towards a dedi server instead.
  8. Switching to Primative

    Thanks for the feedback. Tbh we are playin it more kinda pve but with the risk of the danger of pvp, ie seeing that stranger on the beach or being cautious around enemy bases. Im not interested in raiding but know that at some point i will get raided. Pvp is good when it is even weps etc. Are any of the PS4 P+ servers better or fairer (ie high lvl bullying low lvl)than the rest. I had a run around 10 and 11 and both seemed to be friendly but with loads of large bases. Thinking of trying out eu server 9 tonight. Thanks.
  9. Switching to Primative

    Yeah sorry for the confusion, i meant primitive plus. The more i read and hear about it, the better it sounds.
  10. Switching to Primative

    Im thinking of moving my tribe to a primative server. We are fed up getting raided by high lvl players on flyers with C4 etc and killing all our tames. We are fairly low rank and in no way are we intetested in trying to bully other tribes. We just want to get a settlement going and have some chilled play. Dont get me wrong we all enjoy a bit of pvp, but its no fun when u r constantly being hammered by players with stupudly high tech. Anyway...what im getting at is this, are the primative servers any better or are they just the same? Cheers guys.
  11. Community/Village Tribe?

    Removed, my bad lol.
  12. Community/Village Tribe?

    Ive actially started on a pvp server. Really difficult as i am constantly watching my back and laying low at night time, which i find is amazing stealthy rp. I was playing with the idea of creating my own little community tribe and having a small village but i just dont think it would work on a pvp server. First thing is it would prob get raided alot because it would be hard to hide the village, and second thing is i just dont trust anyone. EVERY player i have ran into on the pvp server has attacked me. I wish i could trust players but i cant. Hopefully this will change in time.
  13. Hey folks, im just wondering if there are any tribes that act like a small community. Ideally building ur base within a large compound and being responsible for it like a house in a small village. I love the idea of being in a tribe but hate the thought of being told what to do and how to spend my gametime. A tribe where everybody is chilled and helps each other. Cheers, Al.