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  1. I hope we get somthing like a Gameplay Trailer this Weekend for ASA , i don't now but at the Moment i lose a little bit Trust in Wildcard ... i mean thing about they Work for a Long Time on Ark 2 and have nothing to show and ASA get his Release for end of August but they have again nothing to Show .
  2. Dear Wildcard ^^ , we all now that a lot going wrong with your statments about relase Dates but in the end Ark is still that game what i play the most on Steam and is also my number one Survival Game , thank for that ..... but please don't delay ASA
  3. Sorry , but you have to teach your Son the different between Video Games and Reality
  4. Well done Wildcard , i am happy with the Change of the Price for ASA i dont need Ark 2 in the Bundle and i hope you have some plans for the Dino Ai for ASA not only in the way of Pathfinding.
  5. Sorry but i think that's is a normal Process when they bring a Remasterd Version of a Server Base Game , take down the Server for the Old Version and give new ones to the new Version ... also they say you can get the Savefiles for a Privat Server when you will play Ark Se and not ASA
  6. I hope we will get more and deeper Information about ASA this Weekend with some real Pics or better a real Gameplay Trailer.
  7. I hope that Wildcard will show a gameplay trailer for ASA in the next Crunch because it's supposed to be released at the end of August. They should be able to show us something and please don't come back with concept art from Ark 2. Only show us something from Ark 2 again when it's gameplay
  8. Okay , next Week we get MAYBE Finaly the Roadmap and then we get the Information what everyone already now about Ark 2 , it is only a shame that Wildcard do it like this. I thing i can play Elder Scrolls 6 before Ark 2
  9. Okay now it's safe that we won't get Ark 2 until the summer, I think it's a pity that wildcard doesn't just deal with everything they have on Ark 2. Instead, they contradict their own statements and now bring out stuff for Ark 1 again, which also looks like an attempt to distract the fans a bit from Ark 2. As an Ark fan from the first day I find it very disappointing.
  10. Ark is allready back in early accress ... and buggy as f....k , thanks wildcard for take my money and let me with that game full of mess alone .. good job ... and now they will relase a huge bigger game than ark ... hehe good luck not one game is 100 prozent finish . Normaly i am not a kind of person they whrite something like this but after that last dlc is that whole game broken buggy and more frustration than fun to play .
  11. Who need the Winter event .... everyone wait for a big Patch that fix most of the bugs . I think they must use all member of there team only for fixes and not for stupid events
  12. I was happy as fu... , when i beginnig Ark Ex ... but now so poor it is i stop playing that game ... i hope you guys work not only on the console , switch ...version , please fix the many bugs in that dlc . Really i love that game i rent two server for that game ... to play it with my brother . Lg A.J
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