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  1. Defining PVP

    I see what you mean, I think that they should maybe add like ranked pvp but not change the game
  2. Defining PVP

    Why you stating ideas if you have a life and don't care about it?
  3. Defining PVP

    THe point of the game is to build up, ranking noobs in a server will still have alphas of a server and the same thing you're crying about will still be a thing
  4. Defining PVP

    Be the strongest on the server, I agree to let others build up.
  5. Defining PVP

    It's ark, only the strong strive and survive.
  6. Island Dedicated Crash

    Try going to a different server w level 1 and then try to transfer over from there, make sure you do not overwrite your main character .
  7. Engrams unlearned

    Put on item in your inventory and take it out, should work. Let me know. -Barton
  8. Thoughts Trolling ?

    Yes, here is a video of me trolling when I was bored. I don't troll a whole bunch because I have stuff to do on my server, but when I'm bored I like to do it. I wanna know if you guys do the same or if you are strictly against it? LET ME KNOW!
  9. Ascendant blueprints craftable?

    Some of the stuff I heard you could craft with like a 3rd Gen beaver, and I think they added these bps to the game as a glitch or maybe a hint future updates ?
  10. Official server extreme lag spikes..

    misspelled on accident. And don't even talk to me, fix your grammar. you should of used "You're" not "your"
  11. Official server extreme lag spikes..

    It's a joke, lmao gtfo. Yes they need to fix the lag. I Disconnect in the worst times! :'(
  12. Official server extreme lag spikes..

    I mean I lag sometimes butt not so bad that I cry on Forums.
  13. Official server extreme lag spikes..

    You either have shinternet or try playing on servers where you live?
  14. Need Female Name For Mosasaur

    Mosa Lisa