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  1. MouldyZombie

    EPIC builds

    here is a youtube channel from our tribe leader, see what you think on some epic builds, and always welcome constructive criticism. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyh1bL2PyxTzuoPt-xtihgg
  2. MouldyZombie

    Joining a new tribe

    You have to check your personal tribe settings before joining a new tribe, you have to have buildings set to personally owned, but this must be set before you have built. And make sure dinosaurs are set to personally owned
  3. MouldyZombie

    pve Alpha Tek Cave on Official [How to]

    Yeah dude can you stick my name down, I have all of the above
  4. Hi dude just wanted to ask a question, we also breed thyla in snow cave, 5 in total, 7k HP 370dmg base stats, are they got absolutely owned lol, did you will on the thyla?? Have you got an tips, sorry to jump the thread
  5. you sure your havent got your map, spyglass or something like that out, same with griffin, if you have your spyglass out it wont dive
  6. MouldyZombie

    Aberration Imprint Kibble Bugged

    yeah that sux big time, and defo something that was overlooked, hopefully they dont wait around to long to patch this. but well done WC, map looks great just need a little polishing
  7. MouldyZombie

    Whats stats for the rock drake

    well like anything it all depends on what you plan to do with it.
  8. MouldyZombie

    Please, convince me that Aberration is worth my time.

    yeah didnt read the whole thread, but by the sound of it you juat need to get abberation and play it, everyones gaming experiance is different, everyones opinion is different, for the sake of £15 download it, yoi dont like it then no big loss
  9. MouldyZombie

    What stats should I push on my rexes?

    yeah I agree with suga, go at around 30k then rest in dmg, this is if you intend on boss runs, meat runs dmg and weight. not much more else you can do on them unless you plan on doing a tour of the map then pump stam 😜
  10. MouldyZombie

    Alliance bed spawns

    having an alliance is great, can have your own little discussion on chat without the rest of the world seeing but thats where it ends, how great would it be if in the bed toggle options, there was an option to allow alliance spawn, so many times I am having to lug my arse across the map to where my alliance tribes are to carry out different tasks, would be so much better to fast travel, and it still gives the survivor the option to turn off the bed spawn.
  11. MouldyZombie

    Here's a suggestion

    been playing ark since first release, lag has always been an issue and the roll backs are crazy but.......#arklife
  12. MouldyZombie

    hey all

    hey all, I'm sam, 32 from the UK playing on the eu pve official 44 server, played on the the old legacy servers and got distractd by real life so had some time off, but I'm back now grinding as many hrs as possible, I'm currently at 4500 hrs which tells me I should really get a social life