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  1. So let's go start about which i'm trying since last year! Can craft more than 1 line of item/ If you guys don't like the idea / Let individually for whoever want. Actually in game you can but need have the same Blueprint/The idea is can use the same Blueprint and can craft the amount you want/Arrows/Eletronics/Ammunition/ And enable this for all items everything which is Blueprint . Exit to main menu [Rework]! Who don't have SSD or fast PC, use the TAB(disconnect) this is boring because you can't use after death. Add a new copy to Turrets and
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    Game : Can craft 1.000 to craft more you need same Blueprint! Suggestion . Can craft 6 lines of same item, with only one blueprint .Host can change the default of 1.000 to how much they want .Fabricator now will have 100 slots Of course isn't every item can craft more than 1.000! but i think the idea is great for- Who will make ammo! you can let crafting 6 lines and do another thing!
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