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  1. That is what i want see No thing's like ''make the game difficult.'' What reason|Why not|Why yes|What can be change|What not can change|Will make difference|Yes|Not|Why not|Why yes If all people can get, where is the problem!Alpha and Bobs can do
  2. Official have rules?Omg This is a joke i think, i see people using aimbot, .ini, meshing base and keep playing the game (They lose the base but not the character) And the dev don't do nothing if you are not a big streaming person... But if i make a suggestion to change something which will make no different in the game, who will help new people in the game Omg i'm the guy who are talking poop! I'm a sarcastic and ironic So convince me without that robotic phrase '' it's hard for the game ''! What will really change at stake? What a prime meat can do in this game really broken in this game!Tame dinos?But, what my carnivores dinos can do VS one mek, titan in the game or a good weap If you say something really relevant i close this suggestion
  3. Yeah yeah it's really a difficult game because stack prime can't Omg stack 10x prime will wipe everything in the game!Forget the mek and titan Let's go ride a prime meat and wipe all base in the game It's a Titan Prime mek mesh meat the broken thing in the game! Bobs protect your base and run for the caves
  4. DarkWolfXD

    Prime meat

    Prime meat If the prime meat stack 10x Is difficult obtain in official 1x when you transfer in your inventory The prime meat spoil so fast! And will change something so old. if you say''go in ragnarok get the mutton'' bro not is all time the ovis spawn and have a lot people killing because they play on ragnarok!! Or saying for me to go play ''unofficial'' i know they stack good things in the game..organic polymer, meat, prime meat, mutton and a lot things who get a lot space in your inventory! but i want play official server! Wildcard or Enforcer , why don't ask people what can be stacked! in twitter
  5. Stack Resource Organic polymer: stack 100x like normal polymer (organics have many slots and spoil), with the 100x stack will be cool. Raw Prime Meat: Stack 10x or more, this meat spoils so fast! Raw meat: Stack 100x and Cooked meat 100x. Raw mutton: This is the best meat in this game. 20x or 10x stack!
  6. The island:Dragon Everyone knows that the dragon on the island is more difficult of than the ragnarok. I want it to be the same of ragnarok, because only great tribes defeat this chief(in The island), with a good genetic line. Usually everyone goes to ragnarok to kill the dragon because on the island it's very difficult!
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