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  1. Everyone which craft a lot things know how boring is stay in replicator or other thing can craft over 1.000 You need do another thing but, you can't leave crafting because of limit The suggestion is a unlimited have a button where u press and craft everything in inventory/replicator Or a system like this to work in all PC/XBOX/PS4 On PC the [A] craft 100 till 1.000 can be have the same mechanic but unlimited For Xbox/PS4 let your suggestion below!
  2. (NOTE)1 and 3 is for PVP SERVERS!!! 8-Is for PC players: In PC if you press A[HOLD] scale 100 by 100 till 1.000! Unlimited will be good, for craft bullets and other stuff on replicator!And have the[Right click] you can select Amount I don't know if on console this will be good so..i don't know If you agree with some suggestion-Tell me the numbers... ''OH I agree with 1,2,5,6'' Like this I did my suggestion thinking about PVP Servers not PVE!
  3. 1- Tek suit protect from radiation but not of heat or cold. The tek suit can't protect from heat and cold, imagine have powerful armor but some parts you have a fur protection! 2- Rex can have a bite similar of the ''GIGA'' but not too big, to not have mesh bite! They can' bite stuff behind and can get dead easy! 3- Replicators can keep in loot crate of genesis everyone bobs and experiente players can get !But the replicator no anymore can give any resource in grinder and demolish. can remove the option too, in grinder like Item-no-grinded! PVP servers
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