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  1. Saturday, December 15, 2018 Look Studio Wildcard (just in case you people are reading this HUGE thread of posts going way back to December of 2017), either y'all fix this crash issue on Xbox One or start seeing a future of no longer making any money off of your games. Because when enough of your customers complain about getting crashes every 10 to 20 or so minutes while playing your games and they see (with time) that you don't give a s**t about them I can assure you they will stop playing your games altogether. People are not stupid. They see serious issues with a game they are not going to play it any more and their word of mouth regarding the game will also get around. Now maybe you Devs over there at Studio Wildcard are in a position at the moment whereas you're not caring about these issues that a great deal of your customers have been having for well over a year now because MOST of your customers may not be having certain issues at the moment. But with time if you start getting enough of people complaining it very well could have a serious effect on you. I have been playing your games now since beta and have purchased each of your DLCs except this latest one, Extinction, which I will not purchase until y'all fix these already long overdo issues that need to be fixed. The crashing one especially because if a game keeps crashing and not saving progress in any game people will stop playing it. And that is the way it is going to be for y'all in the future if y'all don't fix and tend to the issues you have had for years now. I never experienced this crash issue in all the time I have been playing your Ark games until just two days ago when I decided to delete my old game I had since Beta with all my pets to start a fresh game (due to, thus, other issues y'all obviously also do not care about enough to fix involving the item slots on the obelisk not working and the Big Feet and Dire Bears from Aberration not being able to be removed out of the obelisk). If this mess has just started happening to me two days ago and I am completely ticked-off that nothing has been done about it in a whole year's time I can only imagine how the people who have had this issue going back a year must feel. Chances are none of them are no longer playing your game anymore seeing as you Devs obviously do not care enough to fix the problem. And this is a console issue but I am sure PC players are also having the same issue. Based off of YOUR OWN ACTIONS you Devs seem to be more concerned about putting out new DLC content than fixing all the bad issues the game has had since Beta. So then that tells me it's obviously our money you are really after. But this is all an unbalanced situation because while we, your customers who paid you our money to play your games...you the Devs who put out the game are not giving us what we paid for or need. You ignore all these posts on this site and all the others on other sites KNOWING your customers are having these issues. You focus on putting out new DLCs so you can hope to keep making money off of your loyal customers but you ignore the fact that gradually with time if you keep this up you will loose customers more than get customers because "word of mouth" is a strong and powerful way of advertising something so with time that word of mouth will get around enough and you will start loosing what loyal customers you do have. If people's games are "constantly crashing" on them every 10 to 20 minutes and not saving their process and it's been allowed to go on for well over a year, that should be telling you Devs this is a very serious issue with your game and common sense should be dictating to you to fix this issue. That means the players will not be able to play your Ark games and if people get frustrated with their game-play constantly crashing on them and not saving their playing progress that means they will not want to play your game anymore. Don't Studio Wildcard get that? Because it's almost like y'all don't get it. Many may even sue to get their money back because they will feel they have been ripped-off. I mean didn't we pay you OUR money for a service that includes being able to play a "playable game" ALL THE TIME and not a tiny bit of the time when an issue should arise? But we are not getting our end of the bargain, Studio Wildcard but you are getting yours because you've already pocketed all of our money but we, the customers, get nothing but continuous game-play crashes, bugs, and glitches since Beta. Is that fair, Studio Wildcard? You know it's not fair but YOUR ACTIONS after all this time shows us you do not care. So this is what I suggest you, Studio Wildcard, do. Put down the new ideas y'all are working on for your future DLCs and fix the "current issues" you have been having since Beta piece by piece until you have fixed everything. THEN you may resume back to working on your future DLCs. That is the fair thing to do after all. If you don't want to loose your customers do the right, just, ethical, and fair thing. We your loyal fans and customers who have stuck by you since Beta are hear for you Devs and Studio Wildcard if we see y'all care enough about us and our needs pertaining to this game we have purchased so respect that please. Cause right now we are feeling Studio Wildcard does not give a rat's a** about us. Respect is a two-way street and you people over there at Studio Wildcard owe your customers that much. After all with out us y'all wouldn't be where you are currently. Try to keep that in mind in the future.
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