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  1. I will try! It will be interesting for sure, the deer are good for the flyers, they have a wide hit box for the antlers
  2. We have a stone fence, which isn't much, but on the outside, I lined the whole fence with metal dino gateways, its like two fences. the stone to keep smaller dinos out and the metal for golems. Then we put human doors randomly throughout the stone fence and painted the metal gateways a different color to show where the humans doors are in case oyu are running for your life!
  3. Can't wait to try Dragon, we are going to go with Deer and shotguns! But I just heard of Theris and guns, which sounds like a lot of fun!
  4. AellaStorm

    What's your favorite creature of the game?

    Griffins and Thylas for me for their utility and easy maneuverability. Super fun all around tames.
  5. AellaStorm


    Love IT!
  6. AellaStorm

    pve Boss recommendations

    Super excited to get Theris in for dragon and Megatheriums in for broodmother!
  7. AellaStorm

    ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    It was so awesome seeing ARK at TwitchCon and being able to try out the new Abberation! These peeps were super nice and I was so excited when i saw their booth!
  8. AellaStorm

    video Hesperornis + Golden Egg Spotlight

    We finally got one!!
  9. AellaStorm

    screenshot Ice wyvern babies

    Cute though I am disappointed that they basically just reskinned the lightning wyvs.
  10. AellaStorm

    video colour mutation tour PART 2

    Awesome, taste the rainbow!
  11. AellaStorm

    video Equus Race and Bronto Photobombing

    This is even more hilarious when drunk. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. AellaStorm

    screenshot Golden Theriz Mutation

    Awesome color!
  13. AellaStorm


    My tribe goes in with 20 rexes, 6-8 people. All rexes are 30K hp and 800 melee. It takes us 2 mins to down the Alpha Manitcore.