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  1. Could I ask for your gamer tag?

  2. Could I ask for your gamer tag?

  3. Sounds good, hope everything is okay.

    1. BlackDragon93


      All should be fine, just u know trolls. They are a pain in the ass

  4. Just myself and some gear, nothing too fancy.

    1. BlackDragon93


      Ok, I'll add u right now. When my friend gets on I'll try to get u in tribe then. At the moment there is a troll flying around so I can't really leave my base.

  5. Could I possibly join your tribe? I am a level 89 player with experience.

    1. Clanwolfauuuu


      My gamer tag is "clan wolf auuuu"

    2. BlackDragon93


      Ok, first are you going to be bringing any Dino's? I'd personally avoid u bring Pteras just in case u happen to be a troll. Any others I'm fine with

  6. tribe

    So I'm on a nice server for the most part, I was part of the alpha tribe but left as I was bumping heads with other people in the tribe. Me & 2 others left as well. We now have a pretty big base but only 3 turrets so minimal protection against trolls. Yes there are trolls but that's the same on all servers. The alpha is OverWatch. At the moment we have only 3 people in the tribe but we have 5 wyverns. We need to grow & get more turrets then be able to make an incubation room for more wyverns. I'm on Xbox by the way. Pm me your gamer tag if interested. You will be lower ranking in tribe for a while until we know your not some troll or insider. Anyways hope to find someone.