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  1. pvp Flash mobs

    Don’t wanna seem like a asshole but you’d need a large tribe with strong allies to wipe a server. You’d need lots of tank/giga power. You can’t just wipe a server with a mob of people
  2. Faction Servers

    Faction is still a thing, we have already taken over 2 servers. Although we haven't made a new "Faction" mega alliance many still work together. All servers that are pvp will have PVP pal no matter what server. It's just how ark is. There is no changing it
  3. Any servers where no one plays anymore need to get wiped? Lost all our bps and wouldn't mind getting it back lol. Any empty servers that would only take a few brontos and gigas at most to wipe? On Legacy of course
  4. I'm looking to repopulate my legacy server. Everyone just packed up and left. It has at most 8 people a day who play on it. I don't want it to be deleted and recycled into an official server. Mostly looking for new comers rather than big tribes who will build a tek base in 30 seconds. To get this clear IM NOT RECRUITING but trying to get people to play on the server again. If your at all interested pm me or post your GT down below. Server is on the center.
  5. pvp 154 SERVER WIPE REDLINE (Video)

    Let's go Faction!
  6. Add "ArkServer43" for a very good boosted Center server. No admin abuse, we do paint dinos and infinitestat them once in a while after upgrading lots of hp to heal but never use raid with god or infinitestats. Sadly the server has a very low population for some reason and we need more players. 30 stone pick up and insta tame. There is an alpha called Triumph but they seem cool, they even built a community forge area for new comers at blue obe. They have a work in progress base at red and other base I cannot tell you guys. It's a pvp server so yes there is raiding. Triumph hasn't done any major raids yet but they did wipe a tribe that where duping C4 and element. Over all good server try it out! Add "ArkServer43" and join off him!
  7. Obelisk Item Transfer

    So my server owner is gonna change the server to ragnorak after it comes out. He isn't doing a server reset but a map change. Will i be able to take my items like bps, bullets, dinos etc over if I uploaded them to the obelisk? And will my player character also be transferred or left behind in old server? Also how many items can be uploaded to the obelisk?
  8. Looking to be admin on a PVP player dedicated server. I don't abuse other people, just looking to be an admin and keep things in check. I can help with trolls, or just simple feuds. Don't care what map or if it's boosted. Just looking to be an admin. I have some other friends that I would like to play with as well. I'd like them to be admin too but it's not needed. Pm plz. I quit official due to the asshat alphas and trolls.
  9. Quick question

  10. Quick question

    Are you able to play in your own player dedicated server if its owned by another profile? Or do I need a completely different Xbox?
  11. Recommendation for flyer nerf

    It's the best way for metal runs. I'm sure that's how you did it too. But it can't even fight back anymore even with a Acendant saddle. What I want is atleast to take the stam of the dinos back to normal and atleast make the quetz faster
  12. Recommendation for flyer nerf

    So wild card I have an idea for the flyer nerf in ark. Reverse the whole thing and maybe to a roll back to before the update dropped to fix all the stuff this nerf ruined and maybe rather than making flyers useless maybe only nerf the pteras picking mechanics on players that aren't in your own tribe or alliances. The stam on dinos is pathetic, at this point I'd rather gather metal using a bronto or paracer with lots of weight. At this point in time I've lost my 100% imprint quetz with 6k Weight all because it couldn't escape a wild 190 lighting wyvern. Absolutely stupid. Getting wyvern eggs alone is literally impossible without a wyvern already. Or atleast reverse the stam and make it higher and maybe make the quetz faster. Stam on a wyvern is soooooo bad. Mine went from 1400 to 500. It lost more than half due to this nerf. Plz atleast make the quetz faster and make the stam normal again.
  13. Interested in your poison wyvern if it is still for sale. Message me on Xbox. Gamertag is Outbrave


  14. Lost Wyvern in the Ark

    Lol perfect