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  1. Mesh... that’s why this games dying ?, I don’t understand why you people can’t just play legit. Mesh mesh mesh... it’s sad how people need to mesh just to achieve something on a video game ?
  2. Lol princess going on the forums to get the guys who obviously whooped ur ass wiped. Just find a way to do it urself let’s be real here no one is gonna wipe em for u ?
  3. HEy m8 so my tribe is still small but we where wondering if we can get some backup on our server please we got wiped 2 months back but supremcy please can you help 

    thanks Raidmax 

    p.s. please can we join alliance

  4. Your Gt ?

    1. BlackDragon93
    2. Cd9995


      About the mega alliance repliy ?

  5. Interested in your poison wyvern if it is still for sale. Message me on Xbox. Gamertag is Outbrave


  6. Could I ask for your gamer tag?

  7. Could I ask for your gamer tag?

  8. Sounds good, hope everything is okay.

    1. BlackDragon93


      All should be fine, just u know trolls. They are a pain in the ass

  9. Just myself and some gear, nothing too fancy.

    1. BlackDragon93


      Ok, I'll add u right now. When my friend gets on I'll try to get u in tribe then. At the moment there is a troll flying around so I can't really leave my base.

  10. Could I possibly join your tribe? I am a level 89 player with experience.

    1. Clanwolfauuuu


      My gamer tag is "clan wolf auuuu"

    2. BlackDragon93


      Ok, first are you going to be bringing any Dino's? I'd personally avoid u bring Pteras just in case u happen to be a troll. Any others I'm fine with

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