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  1. Lol perfect
  2. I think he is on Xbox...
  3. How long was it in the obelisk?
  4. Could you possibly take a good look for me? Plant species is easy to take care of. Turrets are my concern
  5. How powerful are they?
  6. I have a Fire with Black body and orange wings and a poison with a green body and purple wings
  7. Vital Organs Vital Organs like hunting in real life. Hit lungs with Arrow or bullet: Oxygen drops to zero and Dino suffocates like drowning effect Hit heat with Arrow or bullet: Health drops to 50% and rapidly falls until death Hit very small brain hitbox: Dino dies instantly Hit guts: Dinos health barley affected, Dino runs away and has to be tracked can take several ark days to retreive dead dino Hit Leg: Dino has barley and damage taken and only dies if hit with bullet in leg, arrow shot to leg will mean survival for the dino Also realistic Dino population, it's very unrealistic seen 10k dinos right in front of me. I'm real life hunting it could take weeks to even see a deer, maybe reduce the Dino population by 50%
  9. Thank you for all the feed back. I've gotten very big in PVP but the trolls are annoying so I'm thinking of going to PVE. Thank you for the feedback!
  10. What is PVE exactly? So what is PVE? I've only ever played PVP and got pretty big. But it's annoying dealing with trolls and getting knocked out by people or picked by a ptera while flying my brand new wyvern. Can people kill your tames on PVE? Also can people kill you the player on PVE? I know they can demolish your structures after a period of time but does that reset when I log into the server or is it just they can destroy it all the time?
  11. I had to lol, thankfully I shot it twice with a acendent longneck before going into full on battle.
  12. Hi I'm new New to the ark forums and want to use the trading forums! Just wanted to introduce myself!
  13. How powerful would you consider the alpha tribes? How many turrets would u guess that they have? You said the server is weak. If that's the case is there base just able to be blown open with a rocket and raided?
  14. Could I ask for your gamer tag?

  15. Could I ask for your gamer tag?