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  1. BlackDragon93

    Faction Servers

    No they became Bad Company and eGirls, also many went to other tribes like Happy Ending and Osiris
  2. BlackDragon93

    pvp Arcane [PFG] 522 (Xbox)

    Sooooooooooo pretty much u insided them
  3. BlackDragon93

    pvp Anyone wanna help me take down alpha tribe?

    Which server? Cause my server has been having guys from rag coming and attacking ppl too
  4. BlackDragon93

    pvp Anyone wanna help me take down alpha tribe?

    Why cluster does that mean a pc unofficial or something?
  5. BlackDragon93

    Center redwoods waterfall cave attack strategy

    Thanks pretty good strategy there. We're still pretty new to the server but we are a large tribe of 12 so we should be back on our feet soon enough and are going to finish the job... No offense but a tribe of 12 isn’t big at all. My main server has 200+ ppl in the tribe
  6. BlackDragon93

    Center redwoods waterfall cave attack strategy

    Hallway build? You know the penis raft build shape to blow up stuff? That
  7. BlackDragon93

    Center redwoods waterfall cave attack strategy

    Charge paracers in there with a hallway build on it run up to deathwall throw c4 on it and blow it
  8. BlackDragon93

    pvp Possible new mega alliance

    We are already part of a mega allIance, but we was thinking of making a new alliance. We have a server alliance but that’s all.
  9. BlackDragon93

    Alpha Tribes

    Server 99 is bad, alpha is 99 Problems. They aren’t a alpha but a mega. But they are gay lol. I hate em. Glo Gang is the main one I believe
  10. BlackDragon93

    pvp Nemesis vs. Supremacy

    UTM & Dossing left to right. But Supremacy is currently winning the fight.
  11. BlackDragon93

    pvp Yes, this is being selfish.

    What is your GT? Pm if possible
  12. BlackDragon93

    alliance DBU Alliance

    You don’t need to do that. What you could do is this for example Saints [ABC] and other tribes within that same alliance have it. Will show your all allied without needing to put up blue tags
  13. BlackDragon93

    alliance DBU Alliance

    Your already on a center? Or wanna start one?
  14. BlackDragon93

    pvp Any Center’s not owned by a mega?

    YEah we already own a rag and island. We were just wanting a center to be able to just have more room for growth.
  15. Is there any center servers that aren’t owned by a mega tribe? We’d like to build on one but It seems they are all mega allianced servers. Same for island any not owned by a mega?