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  1. HarryPagetFlashman

    I can't stop playing

    I gave one of my employees a week paid vacation when the new servers launched. I mean...he'd helped my tribe defend against a chinese invasion prior to this, least I could do.
  2. HarryPagetFlashman

    3rd DLC Guesses

    I really just hope they expand on the existing content. Then again, I suppose there's no way to actually sell a DLC without it either being a game mode or new map. Not as if you can sell a S+ building DLC and only let people who purchased it use a new building system.
  3. HarryPagetFlashman

    Possible to transfert dinos from official to single player?

    Because it's about the journey, not the goal. Sentimental value. The effort enhances the flavour.
  4. HarryPagetFlashman

    Question about breeding

    Oh boy. There's going to be a great deal of culling in my future I see. Thanks for letting me know, it's been a few months.
  5. HarryPagetFlashman

    Question about breeding

    Breeding for looks is for the patient. As they say, it's a random chance to get some attributes from mother or father when it comes to looks. When it comes to stats, you have a 70% chance of the best stat from either parent. In all of this of course, you also have a smaller shot at mutations. In any breed you can get multiple colour mutations. I once got 3 colour mutations on one birth for example. In short, it's a patience game but one that's worth it and makes it all the more rewarding when you finally get the dino just right in terms of colours etc. Along the way, you may get some fun mutated surprises you like even more than your goal.
  6. HarryPagetFlashman

    Can you do the story in a PGM?

    Sounds like a masochistic thing to even attempt in the current state, if possible. Sorry.