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  1. AliDeaD

    Early Bird !!!!

    Thanks bro... how many player most like me ?
  2. AliDeaD

    Early Bird !!!!

    what happening !!! what is this ?! im before trade Dino here with other Players... and if someone check my profile can see i receive +6 commend + for trading and +1300 h play time on ark ... and now i cant join in trade Dino ... i receive this PM ( U r early bird user u most going and chat in forum for growing O_o ) this is poop and poop and poop and i cant believe this... i most losing time here and post after post and spam in forum bc i want join dino trade... oh yes players most not play game most stay here and just wasting time for join in trading dino topics... he he he this is perfect ( they close Trading Dino bc of trolling ) and some one like me ( after 3 years / and +6 commend +for trading and +1300 h play time troll... ) and i most spam now lol how i can post after post here if i have not good speak English ? !!!! and no any GM or ADMIN answer me pfffffffffffffffff