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  1. ferox babies adults despawning update? I've done some searching but haven't found any concrete information or it is outdated. As of april 30th I left two baby feroxs in a kangaroo pouch and they were gone 5 hours later, no notification in tribe log. Haven't tested leaving adults out recently but was wondering if this was still hasn't been fixed. As well as, potential work around or what has worked for others until it is fixed.
  2. Why keep increasing volcano eruption fireball range My base is built at volcano E hlna teleport, butted up to the edge of the map and never been hit by fireballs until april/may updates. I must have missed it in the patch notes. "-fixed issue where players were enjoying their bases by increased homing fireball range" For what reason? To make more of the map unbuildable to decrease lag? Who knows. As of last update, the homing fireballs hit my tribemates as they were teleporting in before they could even finish loading.. Destroying half my roof, teleporter, and killing tames.
  3. Lost character, blue screened don't know server With the new force mindwipe for whatever reason. I was hopping to different servers to relearn engrams. Blue screened, don't know server, doesn't show up in last played or favorites, can't use join last. Since PS4 blue screened it wiped the pre recorded footage. Kinda at a loss right now don't want to start new. Anyway I am able to figure out what server I was on and recover my character?
  4. Only fix to meshing is to either play pve or play on a private server that's policed. If they add a kill barrier you will die constantly. Imagine if you lag fly to low to ground holding a tame, boom dead, now time to complain about the kill floor bc your tame meshed and your body too now all your stuffs gone
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