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  1. Moros Intrepidus, but with extra feathers? Hope not. Don't really need another bipedal carnivore like the Giga/Rex/Yuty/Allo/Theriz/Raptor/Troodon/Pego line. Maybe this one can fly/glide? Be a more dangerous version of the thyla?
  2. Oh, joy. I honestly don't know which is going to piss us off more: being robbed by intentional malice or unintentional incompetence.
  3. Despite their being locked AND pin-locked, someone was still able to freely loot several dedicated tek storage bins. I don't know how this is possible on an official PVE server, but it absolutely did happen. Can anyone shed light on how such a thing could have happened? The bins were not harmed, just emptied. They had been refreshed within hours of the theft.
  4. Sure is a good thing they've got Atlas up and running just in time to keep people entertained while waiting for Ark to work.
  5. Server 442 is down, and it doesn't look as though the pinned Known Server Outage post is ever updated. Ticket has been submitted, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything more. We've got babies down that were birthed just before 442 crashed, so we're a lil anxious about getting back in asap
  6. I bred horses. I'm on a schedule of every other morning, I breed em, birth em that evening, then babysit for a couple hours. Lather, rinse, repeat, as I try to make my own decent horses from scratch, since I have NO luck finding em in the wild! Not good ones, anyway.
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