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  1. DoctorWholmes

    MAJOR food bug with babies

    Welllll, there was that part in the last patch that proudly - and erroneously - announced they'd fixed this very bug! I don't think they know how to fix it, and are hoping that no one will bug them now that they won't replace higher than lvl 150.
  2. DoctorWholmes

    [DEVS] Auto decay of dinos

    Likewise. Lost a ptera, a giga, and a thyla, as well as some electrical lines, junction boxes, and a wooden ramp.. all apparently at the same time, and all after only a few days absence from a small area. The bed, the wooden cabinets, and all metal structures were just fine.
  3. DoctorWholmes

    Starve bug not fixed

    Not even remotely fixed. I don't believe they know how to fix it. I do believe they are really tired of getting tickets for it, though.
  4. DoctorWholmes

    Obelisk parking or boss summon?

    Parking rexes just outside the summon radius really isn't much of a problem, and has been standard practice forever. The real PITA is when large flyers like the wyverns and quetzes are parked inside the summon radius. They make it impossible to use that obi for boss fights, since you won't have enough room to move your rexes into position. Flyers don't summon, so I don't know any way to move the stupid things. There are 3 that have been just sitting there on 80's green obi, intentionally messing things up there, for weeks. I'm not at all sure this is a thing that WC is going to step in on, so I was hoping someone had come up with a means of moving/killing them ourselves, despite ORP. BTW, I know that someone with some level of pull is definitely reading these, because my previous posting here was its own thread started in the bug report section of PC platform, as I knew of nowhere else to post it.
  5. DoctorWholmes

    Obelisk parking or boss summon?

    If people park their large flyers, like wyvern and quetz, at an obi, making it impossible to get a full complement of rexes for the purpose of boss fights, is that actionable? Is there anything that can be done when the tribes responsible are either very rarely on, or simply refuse to respond to requests?
  6. For the last half hour or so, my wife and I have been trying to get back into Official Server Center60 PVE, and have utterly failed. Some of our friends never crashed out of the server, some crashed out but got back in, and some, like us, are still waiting reentry. While this is going on, many, but not all, other servers are showing up on the Sessions list. Any ideas why this happens from time to time? I'd guess about once a month or so, we get this odd behavior.
  7. DoctorWholmes

    Doedicurus Can't Turn

    Having a weapon active in your hand can also trigger that problem. Hit q or whatever your handheld item slot is linked to, to put it away, and see if that helps.
  8. DoctorWholmes

    Life Span of the Legacy Servers

    A lot of time and creativity over months and years has been used to make bases, breed dinos, and generally build a community.. a community that has been lied to repeatedly, and is now being stabbed in the back in favor of tons of new players and their fresh, new money.. and this is just the whining of vocal minorities? PVP gets trashed all the time, I would expect, and they are used to it, so are probably not as aggravated over the creation of Legacy servers. PVE is a different kind of game altogether, and we just wanted to be allowed to build, trade, and breed peacefully (for the most part), and were given to understand that we would be. That was a lie. A blatant, coldly calculated, meant to keep our mouths shut until the game went live so as not to scare off the new buyers, lie.
  9. DoctorWholmes

    server repurpose list.

    Anybody notice that they said they'd be revisiting this every few months, and continuing to repurpose low-pop servers? So, what if they simply expunge the lowest 10% each time? How long before they get what they seem to have originally wanted, everyone playing on servers of the 'new' post-release variety? I've seen no clear evidence of this, but I do have to wonder if they are just trying to ease the old-timers out of their comfy old-timer servers.. or just get em to quit, now that they have their money.
  10. Our lake base on Ragnarok 13 had several dinos, which had completely vanished when we logged in and checked today. My wife takes care of them every other day, and had just fed the things yesterday, and the tribe log said they had been unclaimed due to being left alone for several days. What the heck could possibly cause that???
  11. Server is bouncing in and out, badly. DO NOT TRANSFER A TOON TO THIS SERVER!!! If you do, it will VERY likely be lost in a rollback.
  12. I'd heard that this was largely due to intentional attacks on the system, enabling tribes to duplicate items. If you have an item, dino or whatever, and transfer it off-server right before a crash/rollback, it will reappear in your inventory when the server comes back up.. and still be wherever you sent it to. I was under the impression that every item and dino had a unique ID tag, so I don't see how this is even possible. That being said, I've seen it happen by accident, as well as the opposite problem, having an item you just transferred TO a corrupted server vanish forever when the rollback hits, since it is only that one server being reset, not the whole game.
  13. DoctorWholmes

    Can anything be done about egg farms?

    Yup. Pvp has, for better or worse, its own solution set built in for such things. Pve, however, leaves players largely at the mercy of the whims of others in such circumstances. There is nothing against the rules, neither letter nor spirit, in building whatever you want, and no official reason to care whether you are affecting the ability of others to enjoy the game to its fullest. This situation is the dark side to cross server trading, enabling people to get around the 500 dino per tribe limit by storing their dinos on other servers. I'm not saying get rid of transfers; I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what might be done to make this less of a problem.
  14. If your server has, after months of struggle, gotten enough people to thin their herds of dinos, and reach a point below tame cap with pretty stable results.. and a tribe from off-server comes in and throws up a HUGE egg farm with multiple buildings and countless dinos just sitting there for their eggs, firmly slamming your entire server back into the tame cap, is there any reasonable - or unreasonable - recourse?