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  1. I love the trading forums to death, but as a PvP only player, more than 50% of the posts made in the PC Sub-forum are completely irrelevant to me. I'm sure PvE only traders feel the same way about PvP trading posts.
  2. Probably a technical oversight when they were first building the game, that or it's just easier to use blueprints instead of the is system.
  3. Seems to be working as intended for me, if you aren't getting any spawns maybe you run a titan through the whole server or branch out to another map.
  4. Yeah, fliers as a whole are a bit too strong. Pteras specifically have a couple of problems: -The barrel roll does an absurd amount of damage/cleave and is incredibly hard to hit. -The time it takes to raise them is too low, tribes have hundreds of wayyyy better than wild pteras stocked up making them essentially disposable. -Their carry weight is too high, you shouldn't be able to carry a boat load of gear AND still be able to pick people.
  5. That was my experience with hard mode/single player. It seems medium would be doable if you spread out enough and were actively pulling tames when they got low. Ill have to check if armor value mitigates the poison damage.
  6. Because the majority of the popular ones are just doing whatever gets them the most views/youtube money for the least time invested. That combined with the inherently competitive nature of the game means there isn't a lot of good information out there.
  7. From my experience, The main problem is massive abandoned bases. If you're server is running like crap, run a titan through it to clean things up.
  8. Hell, I'd rather they lower the limit if it means more stable servers. It doesn't matter how much money you throw at the server hardware, there is always going to be limitations.
  9. Hah, as long as you aren't threatening someone with physical violence, using copious amounts of hate speech, or revealing someone's real life information you didn't do anything wrong.
  10. Until someone inevitably finds a way to kill the bosses with an exploit TEK is perfectly fine. Right now, element is extremely difficult to get and tek gear has the metabolism of a hummingbird on cocaine.
  11. What's the biggest fish you have hooked and/or caught since the fishing nerf? I haven't seen anything 3.0 or above make it on the line and I havent managed to reel in much over 2. What have your experiences been?