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  1. Same 466 is unplayable. Dunno what's going on but something needs to be done to that server and asap.
  2. yep playing there to it's off now for 21 hours. any update on this server guys ?
  3. Aber 218 changed from pve to pvp so it's 2 days now and the server is changed from pve to pvp. so can't transfer to that server anymore. Wild Card pls fix this asap i had baby's but i think they all are dead but i got dino's outside to so i hope they won't die . do asap something about this made a ticket no response hope you guys read this threat
  4. Login lock hi folks any 1 got problem with login lock again? trying to join my server 466 but getting this
  5. hi graczarka, you can turn of skins but then you turn everything off even your own skins. go to advanced settings and turn off give default survivor items.
  6. Rollback Exctinction 462 Hi WC, Everytime when the game hits 00.47 (game time) the server crashes and gets a rollback pls solve this problem soon as possible allot of players losing there stuff
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