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  1. Congrats on 4 years, I've been on for the majority of those 4 years. An event would've been nice however. Even if it was something simple like evolution event for the week.
  2. Let Babies, Juvenille and Adolescent dinos not get hit with Cryosickness As someone who does upwards of 15 dinos raising at a time, throwing out babies one by one is such a drag. Throwing out 10 babies takes close to 50 minutes which is insane. You can throw them out all out at once but then Juvies and Adolescent dinos won't eat from the trough automatically, which can be an issue. I think a great QOL change would be that baby dinos don't start a cryosickness timer.
  3. I'd even pay (More so to support a new game mode, and the cost of development, and resources used to finetune this into a great mode). A few servers with timers, with different rules depending on how long you want to play. 1 hour (No building, with drops to grab better items. Little weapon caches with okay armor. And parts of the map will have random events to get you to move into the other areas (sandstorms, corrupted dinos spawning in droves, meteor showers etc.) 6 hours (More time, so this one can have buildings if you're brave enough to build), basic low to mid-tier tames (Insta-tames if you can knock them out. Raptors, Carnos, Argys, Bears etc.) 24 hour game (Most time so you can use the whole map. All day available, insta-tame anything you can knock out, drops all around the map, all high end loot (Tek tier. Everybody can move around the map quickly, with less issues but with the time frame, building options it'll take time to find people). Or just a quick game on a small location like Volcano area in center, with caches all over. People can hide in caves and try to survive. The longer the game goes, more and more aggressive dinos spawn in until someone wins.
  4. There has never been. Was hoping due to cryopods being utilized more, that we'd finally see one, but not this time. They usually only do breeding events for the charity stream (Extra Life). With Valentines and Easter not getting it (which would make the most sense holiday wise....seems they're only giving it to us once a year to 'promote' their stream and donations.
  5. Can we please get some baby maturation increases for this event? Or at least some egg incubation speed increase (Easter??)...Maybe increased egg drops, or more often fertilized egg drops during the event? Something, because the last 3 eggcelent adventures haven't been much to go for. We have Cryopods now, less reason to worry about eggs. Let us hatch and raise dinos!
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