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  1. The explorer notes are not working on our new Xbox One Nitrado Island server. The Server is just under a week old as of this post.
  2. Can't connect to Windows 10 hosted dedicated server. My friend has been running a Windows 10 dedicated Xbox server for awhile now, but since Sunday (1-26-2020) everyone has been getting 'Join failed' messages and been unable to connect even though the server says it's running. Has anyone else been experiencing this or knows a ETA on a fix? Thanks in advance for all replies.
  3. I've been able to harvest Raw Prime Fish Meat from Sabertooth Salmon using the Metal Machete ( not sure if the Stone Hunting Knife works as well) on my Rag server.
  4. My friends and I play on a Windows 10 hosted Xbox One Ragnarok server and are currently experiencing the following bugs: 1. All loot drops have stopped appearing since the last update (4/5/2019). 2. Coal cannot be harvested. 3. Beehives produce very little to no beeswax and only have 8 slots (not sure if this is a bug or by design.) 4. Rework kibbles only give 1% taming progression.
  5. I love the new Raptor abilities, but I have to say I'm in the more feathers camp. I'd love to see our raptor look more like the one in the game Saurian : http://static1.squarespace.com/static/598d04984c0dbf67c441eb69/598d0d84176dc47cc662c82a/598d0d6b176dc47cc662c562/1502416235466/rjpalmer_dakotaraptor_full_ontogeny_001.jpg?format=original
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