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  1. Victor117

    Ark Aberration. Will it be Delayed?

    October just started and youre expecting it late already?
  2. Victor117

    Day Zero: Server Information

  3. Victor117

    Tek trough is utterly useless

    Yep it's useless.
  4. Victor117

    Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Great all the metal foundations surrounding my base in ragnarok are gone fc i didnt log in for 12 hours, had them there to protect the limited stone, wood and berries in the area and now some morron has behemoth gates there without the door or any building in the area....
  5. Victor117

    Need more ragnarok servers

    What have you done....
  6. Victor117

    Need more ragnarok servers

    The NA Servers are already at 60 ppl each as we speak,
  7. bruh i know im lvl 99 and and have 21k hp 800 melee rex but i cant participate
  8. Victor117

    Killing a wild giga?

    The best way to kill them if you dont have the dinos for it is to just drown the damm thing,