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  1. Of course, middle of the work day. Can't watch or see it from work, so get to see the cliff-notes version.
  2. Will we actually get this Dev Kit contest... didn't have the last one that was announced. At the point that I don't even bother trying anymore. Falcor might be cool.
  3. Expect the following Tek Dinos (as the Graphics are in the Dev Kit already) Rex Raptor Stego Trike Quetz Parasaur Giganoto Mosasaur
  4. Basically it is a contract. WC pays the modder $4000 a month to continue working on the mod. That is per modder, not to the group as a whole. My comments/points were that I have a full time job, that I'm not going to quit just to work on a mod for 2-3 or few more months. Until they stop the program or that they pick other mods.
  5. Feed back from a modder. I find this kinda pointless. Oh wow... I got picked this month... they are going to give me $4k. What about next month? They pick different mods. I'm sorry, I work full time and can't take that much time off. Nor would I be able to quit my job on the off chance that one of my mods would get selected or not. I work a full time job. My time to work on mods is 1-2 hours on weeknights, and weekends.
  6. Wow... so voting really didn't mean anything. So glad I didn't start trying to mod until it was pretty much over.
  7. I find that odd, because I don't have 30 posts and I voted.
  8. Survivor, cels asks, “My question would be is there anything planned to maybe curb people from going about just killing themselves as a easy way to "cure" the disease? Maybe diseases are persistent through death.. or the chance of it spreading upon death as well for those who come close to your corpse? Or both...” In response to this, will the private/unofficial server owners and/or solo players be able to disable the diseases on their servers? Some will not want to play with those.
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