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  1. RAW MUTTON GATHERING EFFICIENCY Ok I've been searching around and can't find an answer to my question. Which creatures harvest raw mutton best. How much can you get from a single harvest. And lastly, when is it best to slaughter them? Because I do know that with some creatures, juveniles drop more prime meat than others, so would Juvenile Ovis drop more raw mutton?
  2. I was wondering, what would be the best dimensions for a wyvern pin? I originally thought 3 wall high, 4x5 foundations. But thats not enough.
  3. Does anyone know if the gas mask protect against disease?
  4. Yeah that's not cool. I was attacked by server jumpers trying to take out alphas. Hing was, i wasn't even the alpha. I managed to fight them off. THey killed all my non essential dinos, but both my Quetz were moved, my anky n doedics were also. They did get my beaver. Even those i had two other bases, its just too easy to hop and get back safety
  5. If you have joined a HC server now they are up. How is it? What are the differences from normal servers?
  6. I had 2 spawn in between my walls and metal spikes. It was my redwoods base.
  7. I had the same exact problem yesterday
  8. Maybe i need to reread, but where does it say 20 tons?
  9. As long as ive been playing, ive yet to see this. And i hope I never do
  10. im trying to learn the imprinting method now, glad you mentioned that
  11. Ive never been a breeder at all, i need some help with this now. PC, Xbox, i was just the builder/warrior. Always had a tamer/breeder
  12. I kinda regret my character selection, but I just cant up n start a new one. Character change via recipe would be a nice touch, just how mindwipe works
  13. Man you made a great point!! I don't even get how people brag about raiding offline, that's just so weak. But luckily I play enough tonever get caught sleeping
  14. When will PS4 see PGM?
  15. Many wouldn't find this very fun, but I'd like to one day see water attributes on non-aquatic tames that would realistically require water. Just to add another level of realism to the game. This would also bring the water to be unlocked or tames could replenish water when in range of a water tap.... Just an idea Wildcard