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  1. Found a weird workaround.......use my Verizon hotspot to connect to server and get in-game.....then switch to my regular router/modem combo while still in game. So far it has stayed connected for about an hour. I don't get it, but at least i found a workaround.
  2. Which is why I figured it’s my new ISP and modem/router. Everything works fine when I’m using Verizon hotspot, but not with my ISP.
  3. Any idea on how to fix it if it’s a client connection issue?
  4. Yes, please move this to the thread you find most appropriate, thanks. My problems are for the PC version of the game. I have the Xbox version, but there are no problems seeing any server on that version. I understand about opening ports of the rented server, and I have done that. However, it’s not only dedicated servers not showing, it’s the official servers too. Again, I can see the servers in Steam, but any time I try to connect thru steam I get the “unable to query server for invite” error I checked with my ISP and they say they are not blocking any ports. I am not having the issue with any other game (CS:GO, WOW, Arma3, DayzSA). I’m about at my wits end.
  5. Ok finally home...reset my router to factory default. Still cannot see or connect to any servers. I just don't get it. I have over 2500hrs in ARK and never had a problem before.
  6. I have, and still no luck. I will try doing default router setting after work. Thanks for answering!
  7. I am running a rented dedicated server, and 7777 is the port. Either way, with and without port forwarding I am not able to see any servers.
  8. No Servers Showing I have read a million forum suggestions and I cannot for the life of me get any servers to show up in ARK server browser. I can see all of my favorite servers in Steam, but when I join from Steam and game starts, I get the "Unable to query server" message. I have configured my router to forward the following ports: TCP:25147,27015-27030,27036-27037 UDP:4380,7777-7778,25147,27000-27031,27036 I've done the "netsh winsock reset" quite a few times. I know its not the game files, because when I start game and use my Verizon hotspot, i can see and connect to servers just fine. I've turned my Windows Firewall off, and disabled my anti-virus. Any other suggestions, because i'm not sure what to do at this point? I can't continue to play off Vrizon hotspot b/c its a work phone and i get calls all the time, interrupting game play.
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