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    Is Arks playerbase dying on Xbox?

    for the people not able to get on , little off topic, but clear mac addy, hard reset ur xbox, and if it still dont work after those two i have heard people have to reinstall it. if that doesnt work might have to sacrifice a dodo on ur single player to the ark gods. if they are happy maybe they will let you on.
  2. powertrip9000

    Is Arks playerbase dying on Xbox?

    aberration alot of people are there now.
  3. powertrip9000

    Bug on Ragnarok: DO NOT ENTER

    dupers they crash teh server intentially to a certain save point and etc etc. pretty big on rag servers and center servers.
  4. powertrip9000

    Ragnarok update..will it fix lag?

    Depends if your playing on official servers or not. On official its going to make it worse people are going to build more and etc. More people are going to play on rag again so eventually its going to be back to lagnarok days.
  5. powertrip9000

    Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    Nah they are not just because a group of people are good at the game doesnt mean they are the problems. Dont hate the player hate the game.
  6. powertrip9000

    Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    Once people start getting big bases dinos amd etc. The lag will start to grow. Yes there was an improvement but not all of it was upgrading to better servers. Or allocating more server resources to the new clusters.
  7. powertrip9000

    So, how are those fresh servers?

    Duping already starting back up. Full all the time. Same old same old.
  8. powertrip9000

    Ragnarok legacy servers JOKE

    Yup nothing new from wc
  9. powertrip9000

    So how are newbies going?

    not good.
  10. powertrip9000

    So how are newbies going?

    good point where are all these new people
  11. powertrip9000

    So how are newbies going?

  12. powertrip9000

    Day One! Launch & More!

    its funny to see the progression of the tone of the comments on this announcement. First its all congrats whoot now its OFF WITH THEIR HEADS lol.
  13. powertrip9000

    No support for legacy servers? Seriously?

    They have also stated alot of other things and look where that has got us
  14. powertrip9000

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    its not necessarily the wipe its the being lied to completely. EA didnt even do this they just dont say anything and not pretend to care. Its okay wipe em watch the reviews and rating of this game tank. That is well within our rights as customers.
  15. powertrip9000

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Bunch of salty vets go to new servers gl new players ur gonna need it.
  16. powertrip9000

    server repurpose list.

    they have said alot things multiple times in official posts and they havent came true or outright changed their minds. The CEO has said it as well. Must be nice to be new.
  17. powertrip9000

    server repurpose list.

    and........... they delay release
  18. there is way around for megatribes to work around that just saying. Not going to do anything cept create headaches.
  19. powertrip9000

    server repurpose list.

    there was two guys crying though lol
  20. powertrip9000

    server repurpose list.

    Yeah........... thats me i spent countless days building
  21. powertrip9000

    Server lag think it’s dupers

    its dupers if ur server is rolling back 5 to 30 min. and its happening about every 30 to 45 min.
  22. powertrip9000

    Dinos for the Boss Fights

    med dragon depends on if you can pin it , if you cant dont matter how many you have u will die. i have seen it done with 8 rex's. heard of it being done with 7.
  23. powertrip9000

    Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    There is a huge argument on various forums on wether or not consoles are getting the platform nerf can we confirmation on either way? @Jat
  24. powertrip9000

    Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Platforms count 19 against dino vount really............ what a load of uknow what
  25. powertrip9000

    Hard level cap on tamed dinos

    we had a anky disappear after a server reset that was above 450. It was leveled past that. Like you can make rex saddles that are above 117.5 but after a server reset they get set back to the max cap 117.5. Same goes with armor, flaks max cap is like 470 armor. Same thing happens *unless they hot fixed it since it happened to me* with dinos. You should be fine until next reset but who knows its ark