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  1. Weight Reduction On Metal For Dunkle Just as the title says, give the dunke a weight reduction like the ankylo, people will be able to live the full underwater base life then.
  2. Conquest Season 2 Conquest season 1 was so good, Atlas killed its population but we all now know how crap that is. So Conquest season 2 but implement the kicking / joining delay of smalls. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. LET'S GO.
  3. Ragnarok 37 Official PVP Can we please have an update on when this server will be coming back up? Its the weekend, people are wanting to finish the raid and currently wasting their life looking at a blank screen.
  4. DDoS'ing and Joinsim Can we get a system in place so that when a server is ddos'd down, when it comes back up for x amount of time the people that were in the server previously (by steam ID) are the only ones who can get in the server? Is this possible? at the moment the only thing that wins is DDoS, they wouldn't have a reason to do it if the same numbers would still be on server.
  5. If they can endlessly fill and shields are more expensive to destroy having less slots won't make a difference. They need to make the physical cost of shards cost more. Also they need to get rid of Parasaurs - or there ability, they ruin the game in so many ways. you can no longer stealth soak and blow which used to be a big part of pre-fobbing.
  6. It's not hard for them to change the ratio of element and dust per shard, 1 ele or 1000 dust should be 10 shards and not 100. Over time people will still cap turrets but it will actually hurt them doing so. Extinction is a different ball game and they will need to make trees and possibly city 6x as compensation for the mass amounts of element gained, if tek tapes are to still be used. Tek turrets should be silly strong, but they should also be harder to cap. 500 ele to cap a turret. Have fun doing that to all them turrets. - well maybe not 1 ele - 10 shards as now that looks a bit too expensive, but you get my point.
  7. People don't want the soak meta because it is "bad" ? The good old days and massive wars went on for days because people could fob on land and it was the soak meta. Not only is the soak meta a poop load better than this being zerged meta but it actually results in more dinosaur fighting I'm sorry but what's the point in me spending hours and hours making arb, which BTW is a pain in the arse to make when 50 tek tapes can shoot twice and destroy a metal wall, never mind a tek wall and literally drop the tower. The current metas to counter them are plant Z (if you can even hit a hovering, flying tape, or if it registers) and snow owl bombing near, again, hoping that it registers. Tek tapes need a nerf but there damage to everything except objects should stay the same. The other tek dinos are the same. The current damage to tames which are highly bred is acceptable. Nerf there damage to structures by 50%, increase tek turret health to 15-20k and call it day. That way its 40 element for a tek shield which if they put fully up you can also smash with a mek and tek turrets are a bit stronger. Now titans are nerfed, tek tapes is the only reason we won't build a land base currently. But we all want one, and with hopefully the upcoming cave nerf this will be enough to see some creativity and big wars again. Also the ratio of element to shards should be nerfed so people can't then just run gachas and boss fights and have 80/90-10 tek-heavy all capped. Capping tek turrets is way too easy.
  8. A map that entices full scale fobs again? Yes. Primitive titans should be allowed though. They are alot easier to kill than any of the others
  9. Make Griffins Breedable Please make Griffins breedable. They are seriously unusable in PvP at the minute and I'm sure the PvE guys would love an extra dino they can breed. A mana can freeze a griffin instantly due to its lack of imprint bonus unlike a wyvern and with their generally low stats in comparison to a leveled wyvern they just get destroyed by capped weapons which people now have in abundance on PvP. Simply making them breedable will make it so the stat pools can be increased and a imprint buff will slow down a mana from 2 second freezing it. I recommend that they are a 4 day raise, making them longer than a PT but less than a Quetzal. You know it's the right thing to do WC. Be a hero.
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