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  1. Haven't touched Ferox since they are broken beyond the moonstone, does the enrage mechanic not happen, or do you let it enrage and go bonkers on everything?
  2. While I agree with you that it makes no sense why flak would cost more to repair than Tek..... BUT the whole point of this post is, give unofficial options to tweak these settings ourselves not just hardcode changes intended for official.
  3. Did you add it under the [ServerSettings] header in the .ini file? Might work if you place it just underneath the header and above all other settings.
  4. The listed command is written as true but you want to set it to false. EnableCryoSicknessPVE=false Now if only we could get the same setting for PVP.
  5. Sure, but the result would be the same with non-aberrant megalosaurs, practically the same creature.
  6. Oh I totally see the other side, figuring out what dinos the devs meant for you to use to make the fight easier etc. Just saying you could get rexes on most dlc maps pre-transfer and at least get gamma and beta bosses done, so it really hasn't changed since vanilla ark. Haven't touched ferox with how broken they are atm, could you elaborate on how it would be useful for the final test? Is hoping for an open map an unreasonable expectation? Teleportation is a novel idea and convenient for resource gathering, but it being build able spots and not always working properly really puts a da
  7. Scorched Earth was easily doable with rexes. To beat Rockwell you'd use megalosaurs which isn't an aberration dino. On extinction you could spam dinos on the titans. The final test on gamma is doable with rexes (haven't tried beta yet) so, so far doing the same old thing has been working for all dlcs. Really doubt the ferox is going to be the best dino for this fight. As a ride mount maybe, but for the rest you want something that can stay alive so among the new dinos magmasaurs.
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