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  1. On the wiki it mentions the engram being missing after Genesis was released.
  2. they are, they've already added one, bit being able to pick up structures and right now that's the only part that's live even the pc only has that one part implemented in-game
  3. Xbox and PS4 will both be receiving a patch to fix a number of issues. The patch includes several optimizations for memory and lots of changes from the v289.100 PC patch. We'll have more details on the date soon. NOTE: The patch will be a large download! Patch notes for this upcoming patch are below.
  4. NOTE - On official servers and by default on others, only 3 Titanosaurs can exist at once on The Island and they can not be fed once tamed (unless you enable it in advanced settings), rendering them temporary tames.
  5. This bug and the bug that won't let you jump from zipline to zipline with the ravager, I get the feeling my non-existent grandchildren will die of old age before they're fixed.
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