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  1. SouthernSamurai left Positive feedback   

    excellent trader did a high value item and dino trade no issues would recommend for any trades

    Ashelia was The Seller

  2. pixelated13 left Positive feedback   

    great trade lovely rex very happy thanks

    Ashelia was The Seller

  3. Alevia left Positive feedback   

    Trade went fast, smooth, and would trade again! Great person to work with!

    Ashelia was The Seller

  4. Maurizio_x3 left Positive feedback   

    Excelent seller :D :D *****

    Ashelia was Trading

  5. Hoaxi left Positive feedback   

    Even with my flustered mistake our trade we brilliant! Would trade again, trustworthy

    Ashelia was Trading

  6. Uncut left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy trade, died by a dilo as I spawned, second time they picked me up to take me to the obelisk. Very helpful.great trade! 100 positive!

    Ashelia was Trading

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