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  1. Ripborn

    Controller boss fight

    Look like a Security feature to Prevent Taking other people dinos into the fight. Best way to have the dinos in your tribe that's starting the fight and then Unclaimed them before you engage the boss so allied players can jump on a Rex.
  2. Ripborn


    I had no ingots in its inventory last night on XBOX Official Servers PVE , i could still shoot with out Metal Ingots. Maybe the its not applied to Dino prior to the Patch. My Video as of yesterday after the 20GB patch and the 7GB Gen patch. as you can see Metal and stone but no ingots in its inventory to fire the range attack. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ripborn/video/90314098 Like i said it maybe bugged still.
  3. Ripborn


    Evey thing i listed is on Xbox Official server PVE. Magmasaur now requires metal ingots to shoot projectiles "Maybe only PVP settings only" we need Dev to confirm if its only PVP or Both PVE & PVP
  4. Ripborn


    From My time on this Dino yesterday. Can confirm following No shards / Element from Red crystals, in Volcano inside and out. Stone is its Food source when Smelting and non smelting , i have notice Meat Tends to heal the Dino, Stone is its food source. Cooks - Prime Meat , normal meat. On Xbox Official PVE , shoot projectiles Doesn't consume Metal ingots , <<< i think this is still bugged still. Even though it was stated in last patch notes below. v796.12 - 3/11/2020 Magmasaur now requires metal ingots to shoot projectiles <<< Bugged still doesnt use Metal Ingots. Magmasaur projectile speed and gravity adjusted for proper turret targeting in low FPS
  5. Can use this calculator online Enter how much element , Enter how big the radius 3x , 5x, 10x will let you know how long it will last https://tristan.games/apps/tekgen/
  6. You sure everyone is on board with 2x on Valguero, as there was mix up on last few weeks?
  7. Could we get a better Photo of the affected areas or have the Cords for the affected areas around the Obs , as we have built on the cliff at Red Ob but the photo is hard to see if were affected or not ? our base is @ lat 79.8, lon 18.7
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