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  1. You sure everyone is on board with 2x on Valguero, as there was mix up on last few weeks?
  2. Could we get a better Photo of the affected areas or have the Cords for the affected areas around the Obs , as we have built on the cliff at Red Ob but the photo is hard to see if were affected or not ? our base is @ lat 79.8, lon 18.7
  3. There are other ways to get around Obs being blocked. Use another Obelisk Use cryopods to get past the blocking gates. Fly over the Blocking gate on a Quetzalcoatl platform with Rexs on the back. Drops from the sky they last 5 mins Build a bridge like the photo. Every tribe on any server blocks in some way some are for Resources, Stop people building near them too closely. Not every tribe has the intention to block or cause harm on the server they play there are plenty of good tribes out there if you ask them nicely to remove pillers most tribe will work something out.
  4. Have u checked the other obs as some have space on them or do it from a drop
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