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  1. ShotWasRejected

    PvP Rag (Boosted!) 24/7

    Instant Tame or Below 4 Min Tame Breeding is 10mins with a 5min Imprint x16 Pick up Boosted Drops Server loves PvP and Trolls are Welcome, Tho you're gonna have to work for the raid Hope To see yall There No Starter but People will Share loot Add ProSeniorBrute Msg Evrk for Loot if any available Happy Hunting
  2. ShotWasRejected

    Offlining our server..

    Hello, https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/216605918-Reporting-Players-and-You Read This EMP is lit gets paid to Remove players of a Server, Just report him and Keep Going on with you´re day, Sorry you have to go threw this people just cant raid the proper way it sucks...
  3. ShotWasRejected

    No spino on Ragnarok

    One- Tek Armor is Usless Exept the Helmet and Legs and Gun Two- Only 251 Days ( 6,000 Hours )? I have over 12,000 On PC with 3,000 On Xbox ( hours ) Third? You should edit your post saying "Spinos Don´t Spawn on Rag" Unless You have Some 10th Gen Rexs You should not be worrying about Bosses This Early, Not to be rude my friend but If you read above I said I tamed 4 on x2 weekend? I never said use them, Tho I did say if you´re Using spinos try rexs, Yes you need Element to run those are not helpful on other server raids, You will have to do it eventually. If you really played Official You would know Defenses are First, Kibble, Breeding, Little Raiding and Bosses, If you´re playing on Legacy Well You should have the stuff to run a Boss, If you want Spino Sails -> Cluster Servers are here for a reason!
  4. ShotWasRejected

    No spino on Ragnarok

    Element? No, That was Referring to you going to Island and Center Server to tame your Spinos and Plus You have to build up on Island Very easy Bosses ( Still Glitched ) and Ascending. Trust me I´m 108 On Legacy and 99 On New Servers There is more than 1 Spino that Spawns Here, Ive Tamed 4 In 2 Days of x2 Weekends Hope This Helps Official Servers are Rough that´s why most wont survive Don´t be one of these -Evrk
  5. ShotWasRejected

    No spino on Ragnarok

    Hello, Spinos are rare on Ragnarok, They spawn in the South Wyvern Cave's Lake Tho Rexs are still a Great Way to complete bosses. If you really want to do bosses faster that's why servers are in clusters with the center and island, They give you a better chance Good Luck
  6. ShotWasRejected

    Bought season pass...Ragnarok doesn't work

    Congrats on Buying The Season Pass The problem is yes the Center and Ragnarok you do have to ascend on the island, Now heres the best part you can actually use admin commands to complete this or Turn on God-mode, Go to the Volcano where the Tek Cave is and Spawn in Everything You need You can spawn the Water Dinos in the Lava up there, After killing them open the Tek Cave and While you're in God-mode you can run the cave and Ascend very easily. Hope this helps sorry that it been difficult but its worth the little grind. Unless you play Official You can jump right in without Ascending, Tho I would do Single Player and Dedicated before Official as Most don't care and will wipe you as fast as possible.
  7. ShotWasRejected

    EU PvP offical 338 not working

    Ryanverse, Please put the outage into https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform This will help them know If the server is getting Dced or Duping, Hope Not
  8. ShotWasRejected

    Invisible ice worms attacking

    lol, This isn't still broken I've been on 20+ Official and 2 Dedicated Servers and I used to have this problem but not after this new patch, Ice Wyverns can be clearly heard and seen, Ice Cave is still Lagy just wait before you enter the first death-worm in order to Load in the whole cave. Good Luck Out there and remember Naked people and food not friends
  9. ShotWasRejected

    Are you Gona sort your servers out

    LoGy88, Please don't double post thanks
  10. Hello Survivors, After Raiding 2 EU Ragnarok Servers, Destroying the Alpha and Unblocking Nest Spawns People realized i'm not a Ordinary Troll, With over 12,000 Hours On PC and 3000 Hours on Xbox I've evolved with the game. I will Wipe any Tribe that Blocks Obs, Nest Spawns, Resource Spawns, Leaving Taming Pins ( Mainly Golem and Giga ) I also help with the Ice Cave, I can solo the cave with a 231.2% Shotgun and 8261 Durability Shield, Tho I will warn you If you Betray on a Trade, I will find you and Wipe you Offers? I take Master-Craft and Ascendant Gear and BP ( Mainly gear or Weapons ) To all Survivor... You need a Alpha or a Tribe wiped <- I'm you're guy If you think you got what it takes EU-608 Rag Come get some, I promise it going to take more than 5. -Msg Evrk on Xbox - Wiped 3 OC cluster Servers last night, I plan on controlling the servers Looking for others who share the same love for Building and Free Resources but while at the same time are great at PvP and are willing to Travel Multiple times...Now the question is are you up for the challenge?
  11. ShotWasRejected

    ark data item

    https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/226850348-How-to-Transfer-Your-Survivor-to-Another-Server-Safely Alright, You put 4 items in the Obelisk and forgot about them in the Obelisk, lol everyone does this but it will refresh when you leave the server, It annoying because it will count to your max item limit of 50 items good luck out there!
  12. ShotWasRejected

    XBOX EU Official Server 5**

    lol, Smart If you need help taming anything or taking out a tribe Msg me Professional Troll, I've Wiped Mega-Tribes in less than a Hard Work of 2 Weeks Also, Congrats on non-dupers you luck out, Im been moving servers to find and Punish these People... To all Survivors...The Trailer Sums ARK Completely
  13. ShotWasRejected

    Lagging out on Officials

    lol, The problem is WildCard <- Servers are horrible, We Play on a OC and EU server and Have this problem very often since we are from US, Hope this helps Hoping the servers Are a little bit better to yall
  14. ShotWasRejected

    Roof requires foundation support.

    Hello Ariana, The problem you've had is Foundations anything above a Foundation or Pillar and go as high as possible if connected to the ground, Now the Problem I see is youre building on a Raft, They have a Height Limit of 6 If Problem Persist Send a Screenshots and Ill help you out.
  15. ShotWasRejected

    XBOX EU Official Server 5**

    Very Sorry about your lose, This problem is not on Wildcard Side Duping is what you are looking at ( 2 Raft Crash Server, or check around lava for Foundations ) Find these and destroy them, Roll Back is due to Server Crashing and Resetting back 20-30Mins If you put the Tribe Down Below, People will come over to help you Solve the Problem Need Anything Let us Know Use this Link if Problems Persist ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform )