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  1. so far today it has been the relentless grind of server hopping for element, dust and shards. I am set up primarily on Valguero. After 5 years of playing the game I still think this is the best all round map in the game. However, without having the ability to take on the bosses yet, element is of a premium. Right now I am travelling daily to Extinction to harvest a few of the picnic tables around the city and then travelling on to Gen 2 in the hope I can time it to hit the correct asteroids. All shards and element I collect there are going towards my cloner on Gen 2. Any dust I get is coming b
  2. Only managed to get on briefly this morning but I did hatch 9 Rex eggs (popped out 12 babies), all around the 379 level. SO if I ever pluck up the courage to do boss fights, I have some dinos that may stand a chance now
  3. What a great idea for a thread! After half a decade of playing Ark I have finally decided to venture into the world of Tek gear. Unfortunately I am set up almost exclusively on Valguero (PvE Offical) so I have spent all morning jumping between different maps trying to harvest element/dust/shards. Great fun but the Gen2 server I am using has been suffering major outages recently so I haven't been too keen to spend any longer than necessary over there
  4. Hi I have been playing Ark since the Beta days on PS4. I recently(ish) made the switch to PC so I am going through the whole process of getting set up again. Just dropped by to say hi and hopefully make a few contacts along the way. I am playing PvE (too old for all the skullduggery of PvP) official servers. I am mainly playing on Valguero but I have a small holding on Gen2 for all the goodies that map brings
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