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  1. yes all dinos can now be leveled 88 times on official, i have tested this a few weeks ago, it would be nice if the 450 cap can go to 465 because alot of breeders have made level 377 dinos
  2. im currently giving away free dinos and alot of people have to transfer over to my server (official pve pc), but im constantly bugged with "im stuck in a base at spawn" it appears at least 3 tribes in my server have put up bases on spawnpoints where players spawn inside foundations with gear and have no way of getting out. these are old established tribes that are very well aware of the issue. one even patched the spot with wood while the rest of his base is stone. so he saw one stuck, helped him, then patched the hole again. 10 bodies stuck inside of it. they dont care. asocial behauv
  3. if there is a dead body near or you punch one baby, they will wander, but this is on pvp.
  4. yes mosa and tuso do this also. but not if they are on follow. yes official, its a 3.5 year old project now. started with 391md. a basilo on follow also prevents you always from getting stuck, which is the biggest nightmare if you go in the water caves alone and the melee isnt to high. i occasionally see a "death star" when i enter a water cave where previously one tried to enter the cave with a weak water dino. you see 20 sharks and dunkleo sleeping in a star formation all pointed at the center where a player and dino was. they couldnt escape. if you get stuck in such a way
  5. yes this was my video. with this high base melee i level many basilo with speed only and they can still do watercaves and very fun to use in open ocean, very fast! no mosa is as strong as this basilo line because they are to far behind in mutations. and the tuso is bugged in high ping, wont deal much damage then. in 150 server ping, the basilo is even stronger then the highest tuso breed lines. i have that basilo with me to mateboost me, mateboost means 1.33x less incoming damage and 1.33 more damage done for me. basilo do indeed nothing in crushdepth. but if they do help, the help i
  6. i just lure everything i can on me, pve official line but its already outdated
  7. yes, this please. hacks are getting worse. even players get personal ddos attacks on there home connection, ip address somehow leaking via hacked clients
  8. yes this whole box is down, genesis 638 639 and island 2 are on the same ip. it ran ok 15 hours ago, it was pretty playable on my island 2, then few hours later it crashed and cant seem to start up properly, its trying to startup 3 times an hour.
  9. pve genesis 638 639 and island2 are down for 10 hours now
  10. rex took 3 years on both pc pve and pc pvp official. we had half a year 2x and 3x breeding which speed up the process.
  11. few months ago i mentioned i was against x2 and x3 because we will mutate dinos to fast. we will go sooner to a point that the game needs to be reset. you want that progress to take as long as possible. years. luckily we have many different servers with different settings and so if you want to breed quick you can join a 100x server if you like. you will be burned out on the game must faster though. the bigger problem right now with breeding is that people think they need 500 dinos to mutate a line. breeder A does a good job with 100 females, but is threatened to be passed by a new bre
  12. server 77 pve pc didnt come up yet after update, waiting for 2 hours now.
  13. how about the new login lock. the game has bugs that gets you kicked from the server at almost every save the server does, and then they have added login lock to the game which makes you unable to connect for 5 minutes. it is the total opposite of bugfixing. switching to an alt account quick can help but in pvp you are screwed.
  14. no change, my pvp server got the hardware update and afterwards when uploads where disabled i didnt have the problem but now that uploads are enabled again, i disconnect again, thats right after the winterwonderland update, all alone in the server 25 ping. so i guess it has something to do with the cloud.
  15. this has become a huge pest. in pve in the weekend we all get kicked from the server at every save. in pvp im ok if im inside the base, but if i bob around on mana outside, i disconnect at every save, not matter if im alone in the server with 19 ping or when its busy with 255+ ping.
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