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  1. PVE Titano egg collecting

    i got 70+ pachy eggs to tame a 150 paracer within the same amount of time.
  2. PVE Titano egg collecting

    havent opened the game since, so LOL it's killed all my will to play
  3. PVE Titano egg collecting

    got 3 in 7 hours in the desert LOL
  4. PVE Titano egg collecting

    chilled near the pen throwing ourselves into it as sacrifices as a way to pass the time
  5. PVE Titano egg collecting

    Update on the whole situation: We trapped some snakes in a pen we found somewhere and it only took 10+ hours to get 7 eggs, wow, so fast, me and my friend really enjoyed doing this........... kill me. i've lost all motivation to play ark.
  6. http://ark.gamepedia.com/Titanosaur
  7. Fix This Rewind, I lost a month work of work

    Haahahahahahahahahahahahaha [2]
  8. Better flyer mech

    most things can pick up dead bodies with g, movement slows to a crawl but its there
  9. Ovis

    i started with just two sheep and ive bred up a decent amount just get thru the first few gens and you can get a load of sheep, all ya need is some patience
  10. Doedicurus

  11. Titanosaur griefing PVE

    Good luck, they don't care Shame it happened though.
  12. PVE Titano egg collecting

    wqait im pretty sure theres one of those on the server i play on LOL ill have a go at that
  13. PVE Titano egg collecting

    cool ya jets im just havin some bants people these days... are dumb as hell.
  14. PVE Titano egg collecting

    yeah cheers
  15. PVE Titano egg collecting

    i spend 20 hours a day researching the egg laying of dinos in the hopes ofactually gettin eggs ik what im doin rnjesus just hates me LOL