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  1. Wiping SmallTribes and Or Official is a huge Mistake. Thousands of Players will be massively discouraged from continued play because why put all that time in again. Also people who say it will give new player a chance at playing are deluded. Megatribes will Take over all sever again just as it is now. So why bother. Why ruin the work of thousands of hours to repear the process?
  2. just lost a Gasbag with 140 saddle lol just wanted to get some oil off rag now im down a speedbags what is this?!
  3. CrossArk Rate Increase. Im suggesting that the seperate servers listed as "crossArk" get increased rates to 2x everything permanantly. These servers are serperate from any main clusters and would benefit player wise from an influx in rates for Farming/Breeding/xp. It would increase players numbers on these server for sure and increase Joy when playing also.
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