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  1. Single player - Dinosaurs overspawn

    Platform XB1 The Island map single player 10x EX and taming 5X gathering 2.5X dino food drain allow flyer in caves Allow raid dino feeding. Thats about it, I wait 20-30 mins after the command. I head over to Carno Island (Death Island) and I'll See Rexes, Carnos, Scorps, Raptors, Sabers and Argents. As they kill each other the over spawning of raptors starts. I tested it on Bronto Island (Herbavore Island), my main outpost, once the dinos spawn after using the command I killed everything on the island. And all the respawns are Paras, i counted 20 just on the backside on the beach.
  2. Single player - Dinosaurs overspawn

    I am also having a similar problem. my outpost on Herbavore Island is over run with parasaurs, only raptors are spawning on Carno Island. and my mining post on Far's Peak is covered with ankylos. I tried the "destroywilddinos" command and looked to reset the spawns but as the dinos are killed off it reverts to over spawning the single type of dino.
  3. Crusaders-Of-Valhalla-PvP2XALL-Mods SERVER ID: NA WEST COAST SERVER, VALHALLA MAP+ MODS PvP Welcoming players all alike to our server. Running the Valhalla map to give players new surroundings and with others mod to make your time here more fun and interesting. +SETTINGS 2X everything -MODS VALHALLA MAP ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE ROUNDED STAIRS AND WALLS PERFECT HAIR PIMP MY REX METAL AND GLASS SET CRYSTAL LAMPS TAVANS ELECTRIC TROUGH BUILDING XTRAS SMALL DRAGONS PLANTING METAL CAGE MOD REFINING GAS FORGE - Active admins Admins do log on daily, questions and comments on Crusaders-of-Valhalla Steam Group or at [email protected] admins will get back to you -NO griefing No KOS for fresh spawns (IE, Don't kill new players). Zero griefing policy. unprovoked and/or repeated destruction of a player/tribe and/or their structures and dinos will get you ban. Griefing won't be tolerated, it will get you banned. -NO blocking spawn points and resources IE, blocking resources and/or killing of their spawns. -Cave building allowed Caves have no artifacts in them, so go build your molehole fortress. (important safety information: at anytime the map devs might assign the caves purpose, build at your own risk.) -Gladiator Arenas will be held weekly for random prizes. There will be player vs player as well as a player vs animals in the arena. We will also have weekly contests with random prizes. Arenas will be held on dates chosen by admins. Any questions please feel free to ask admins in game or please send an email to [email protected]