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  1. Single player - Dinosaurs overspawn

    Platform XB1 The Island map single player 10x EX and taming 5X gathering 2.5X dino food drain allow flyer in caves Allow raid dino feeding. Thats about it, I wait 20-30 mins after the command. I head over to Carno Island (Death Island) and I'll See Rexes, Carnos, Scorps, Raptors, Sabers and Argents. As they kill each other the over spawning of raptors starts. I tested it on Bronto Island (Herbavore Island), my main outpost, once the dinos spawn after using the command I killed everything on the island. And all the respawns are Paras, i counted 20 just on the backside on the beach.
  2. Single player - Dinosaurs overspawn

    I am also having a similar problem. my outpost on Herbavore Island is over run with parasaurs, only raptors are spawning on Carno Island. and my mining post on Far's Peak is covered with ankylos. I tried the "destroywilddinos" command and looked to reset the spawns but as the dinos are killed off it reverts to over spawning the single type of dino.