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  1. Wait a minute... But then: Are you able to gain Reaper Embryos from these Reaper Queens? Last time I checked, Reapers were Aberration content.
  2. What about Unofficial and Singleplayer? Will this be automatically enabled on Singleplayer? If not, there isn't really a way to enable it, at least on Console.
  3. I play Singleplayer almost exclusively, and have had some trouble with crashes for a while now. I'm always experimenting, trying different things to see if I can find out what exactly causes the game to crash, and I believe I have identified a specific set of actions that causes the game to crash 100% of the time. I have no idea if this occurs in Multiplayer. It concerns the ARK Data, the space where items, characters and creatures are stored when transferring between servers, or in the case of Singleplayer, transferring between maps. Here are the actions: Step 1: Open the ARK D
  4. I’ve had the folder view in the crafting menu on for like 2-3 years, until today, when I accidentally turned it off. I immediately turned it on again, but now whenever I go into my crafting menu, it defaults to folder view off. The folder view icon shows that it is on, but no folders appear. When I try to turn folder view ‘off’, nothing happens. If I then turn it on again, the folders reappear, only to disappear again the next time I open my crafting menu. On a whim, I tried to turn ‘view engrams’ off in my tek replicator. Now it seems to be fixed, but I thought I’d post this anyway
  5. So is this new creature part of an upcoming new DLC? All previous Mysterious Mysteries with the torn Dossier (besides the DodoRex iirc) have been part of a DLC.
  6. As a bit of an update, after completing the TEK cave on Alpha with only 9 Rexes (yay), I tried to transfer my character to Aberration, with nothing else. It worked. So, good news is that the transfers seem to be working again. Bad news is now I'm stuck on Aberration with no way to get back without getting either a Hazard Suit or Rock Drake. I was going to transfer some Cryopods to Aberration to make the caves easier, but can't now. Oh well, Aberration was the next stop for my playthrough anyway.
  7. I have no experience in that. I've just posted my problems and tried to help to the best of my ability. I never went as far as to create a new character.
  8. Try returning to your original map. Your old character should be there, just locked to the original map. As for dinos and items, as far as I know they are lost forever. What did you lose? As an experiment, I tried uploading a dodo and seeing if it could be downloaded elsewhere on the same map. I uploaded it onto the transmitter in my Hidden Lake base, and upon looking in the transmitter that I placed at the peak of the volcano, it was there. That was yesterday. Today I got on, and the dodo was nowhere to be seen. This leads me to believe that if you upload something and then unload
  9. This started to happen ever since the Homestead update, which leads me to believe it has something to do with the changes made to the Tek Transmitter with the integration of Structures +. Anyway, I'm doing a full Singleplayer playthrough of ARK, from Island to Extinction. I'm gearing up for the Tek Cave, and I need more element, so I figure I'll go to Extinction to grab some element dust and transfer it back over to the Island. I've done this plenty of times before, and as directly uploading creatures can sometimes bug out and not spawn them when downloading, I cryofreeze my Otter, my Arg
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