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  1. Many comments on these crunches are negative, so I'd like to take a moment to thank Wildcard for bringing us this amazing game. No matter how buggy it is, we all keep coming back due to how damn enjoyable the gameplay is. Keep doing what you're doing, Wildcard. We all appreciate you!
  2. Wait a minute... But then: Are you able to gain Reaper Embryos from these Reaper Queens? Last time I checked, Reapers were Aberration content.
  3. What about Unofficial and Singleplayer? Will this be automatically enabled on Singleplayer? If not, there isn't really a way to enable it, at least on Console.
  4. So is this new creature part of an upcoming new DLC? All previous Mysterious Mysteries with the torn Dossier (besides the DodoRex iirc) have been part of a DLC.
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