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  1. If they cluster it on new servers like Fortnite cod and many of the other games out now it’s possible it’s definitely not impossible
  2. Remove win 10 from Xbox servers Good morning survivors, as we all know win 10 players on the play anywhere for Xbox has caused ALOT of issues for us console players. Duplication is back, aim botting, other script is being made on the daily to basically mimic the GM script. all of these issues are making the game unplayable and making it even harder for us to play the game we all love have have spent countless hours playing. Now there is a few solutions. 1. Restrict the Win 10 play anywhere until aimbotting can be auto banned on win 10. 2. Wipe all servers and start again/ restore servers back to a set date. 3. Turn all servers into legacy servers, and make a new cluster for small tribes and mega tribes. 4. cluster PS4 and Xbox together only and win 10 can remain win 10 only. 5. when transfer comes out for genisis start a new cluster of servers. 6. Wildcard screens community leaders and allows community leaders to assist them with the trouble tickets, ie. Allow for an entirely voluntary not paid trouble ticket team to assist with the furtherance of the game it would help tremendously with the games playability. wildcard please take notice that we the player base love your game and only want it to succeed. We don’t want all these issues with aimbotting hacking and duplication. It’s a unfair advantage to us all and the community can’t handle it. this is how games like this become a thing of the past, ark has survived the past few years on the sheer hope that it will get better although it has , people still find ways to make it unplayable. Please let the community help you wildcard. thanks again survivors, zach
  3. Flyers on genesis Flyer should be allowed on genesis the map looks as though it would be even more beneficial and since there is flying tames like argies and pteradons it should be allowed. Worst design flaw of the game ever very cool new Dino’s not worth losing the old ones. Aberration was understandable for no flyers but not for A map the size of genesis. Terrible way to get the people who elders gonna come back and play... now they don’t even want to now. some good ideas to disable flyers in sections of the map is all of Luna and that’s pretty much it. anyone have any other ideas?
  4. Make a new set of cluster of servers Xbox We all know we don’t want to let go of the current servers. But I’m order to get more players and get those extra few players that haven’t bought the game yet that want to play official should get the opportunity. To make the current cluster of servers make it legacy 2.0 and drop low pop servers and move them to the new cluster. Not another six mans or another mode but make it regular servers so those that quit playing the game have something to come back for. Make them come back with. Boosted rates faster gestation periods Max should be 2 days and 4-6 times harvest. Make the official that much more appealing and your game will flourish. But with a new cluster means admins and devs should be more active on them throughout all platforms. Make ark great again and work with the mesh detection team and see if that can be implemented into these new servers.
  5. why have I been early bird since 2016 and have been semi active in the forums for a while?

  6. yup baby raising for the Vday event another tribe popped 130+ gigas and various other tames.... we also popped a lot more after I got off for work I have 40 more rex eggs to pop.... just throw aways for raids and such I think they were talking about popping quetz eggs next. oh ya forgot to say I'm on official PVP Xbox....
  7. I raised 32 brontos got 35 baby gigas through baby phase. raise 17 pteras, 56 steggos, 4 troodons, 30 kentros, 20 thylos, 40 rexes, and a jerboa. made more pill boxes and made 47 troughs.
  8. will be streaming "ROCKSTAR ARK" (Nitrado) on SUNDAY 17 DEC 17 and Monday and Tuesday. check me out WWW.Twitch.tv/armysniper1244. will be giving away a free 25 dollar xbox gift card

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