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  1. i shouldn't have to backup/restore my world for my achievements/skins to register. Anyways i didn't uninstall ark or wipe anything, the achievement progression was reset after one of the updates.
  2. Anyone found a proper fix for this yet??!? This has happened to me after one of the recent patches. Haven't touched any of the game files and steam still registers all of my achievements.
  3. Edible Aquatic Plants

    Would be nice.
  4. I really enjoy talking to you. You seem knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you again for you input. I have not played ark on pc since I moved, but if I put the tower together I might get on steam and play sometime. 

    1. TheGoodStuff


      haha thanks :) Yeah you should definitely play. 

  5. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Yeah extremely sad. And i happen to know many other players that feel this way (according to the backlash on the flyer nerf and the popularity of the classic flyers mod). The skies in ark are very empty and unfortunately looks like it will stay that way through this premature release . Most of this could've been repaired if the staff/devs communicated with the EA community they made... but as i have learned from being on the forums for bout 6 months is that most of the experienced/long time/older players have left the forums a long time ago due a mix of poor communication and suggestions/complaints being ignored(among other things). This leaves what you see today, people making threads/topics that have already been made (without knowing it or knowing it and trying to get it noticed). Apologies for the rant (hopefully others read this too), But yeah hopefully the skies get some lovin in this game soon.
  6. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    this has been asked for quite a lot. i would love to see it in ark, but the devs hate fliers so probably wont happen
  7. Huge Hole in the Megapithecus arena

    Interesting. didn't seem(to me and lots of other people that have done the boss)that that was an intended part of the arena as the other arenas are relatively "safe" with their terrains. I mean if it was meant to be that way then okay, but i've seen way more people losing their dinos to the hole (or the mega pushing them into the hole with its regular knockback attack) then the actual mega itself. Just a bit strange in my opinion.
  8. Huge Hole in the Megapithecus arena

    Yes. I do not think there are any others?
  9. There's a massive hole in the middle of the megapithecus arena... It will instantly kill you/your tames if you fall in it. This hole + larger dino's turn radius make the arena more of an obstacle than the actual boss. The rest of the arena has force-fields preventing you from falling off... just not sure if this giant killer hole was intended or simply looked over in the prior patch to the arena.
  10. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Settle down there m8. Writing down every single creature that takes your fancy into one post is probably the worst way to get any of the ones that are actually needed, noticed....
  11. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Wrong thread?? pls Read
  12. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I mean you could say that about any dino or even any "modern" animal. I like having diversity in the ark and welcome any interesting new creatures with specific purposes/uses to play.
  13. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Hey in the dream world i'd want u as my ecology teacher fore shore :3
  14. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    No pretty sure you would be fired :-)