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  1. Stacking mod

    Thank you, also figure there that only works for pre Aberration items and only items you collect after mod install. Happy!
  2. Stacking mod

    Hi, I understand no dev kit yet and from searching i see that S+ etc crshes for some and not for other etc. However i am only looking for a working stacking mod, i tried in gameusersettings.ini: ActiveMods=849372965 or ActiveMods= 1184731864 Its not loading any mods for me, please share your results, im sure im missing something here... Thank you!
  3. anyone found a way to hide these pesky Tek engrams in S+?
  4. Problem connecting after update

    Im getting crashes upon login now.
  5. tool [tool] ARK Levels/xp config generator

    Thank you very much for this! Personally, bit larger fonts and it be perfect. thanks again
  6. Ark menu extreme slow - unusable

    rolled back to 17.5.2 and its all good again. leaving this here in case someone has same issue and search for it... AMD Radeon 17.6.2 issue ARK menu poor performance, lag
  7. Hi, Im using radeon rx480 8g and just updated to 17.6.2. (Xeon E3 1231v3, 16GB, 512GB ssd) I also haven't played for 3-4 days but now i have the issue that once i start the game and reach main menu it grinds to a stand still. I can see a few mods updating in the bottom right corner, after already updating it in steam, i suppose that is the new way it is doing it. I click on join ark and it takes 10 sec for the server list to come up, everything is massively delayed, options etc. Havent been able to join yet again as it stops refresh at like 200 servers. Anyone having this issue? Should i rollback AMD/ATI drivers? I completely uninstalled ark, unsubbed all mods etc already to no avail..
  8. Last patch Prim+ - Patchnotes?

    big patch with no notes... unusual to say the least.. this kind of info is essential, ...please!
  9. Update of ARK and storage space

    yeah had the same, once installed it shrunk back to 0.68GB. i bumped into issues with a 512GB ssd. had to get a non ssd large drive to move out personal stuff. add a few maps n mods and a 256GB gonna be very tight...
  10. New patch currently developed?

    New patch currently developed? Hi, I was playing prim+ a while back and there was poultry and feathers and stuff kinda worked*. Now i cant even get feathers etc...! When is the new patch due for this? I love Prim+ as it so nice without the rockets and stuff and requires more skill to raid and easier to defend etc... Thanks!