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  1. Jazzy1985

    Extinction Boss

    Wildcard is a lost cause now imho, 2 months to reply to support tickets and this is the last straw for me. Already quit ARK and I'm never playing it again, they aren't getting another penny out of me. What a shame as ARK is a 10/10 game ruined and turned into a 2-3/10 game by a 1/10 developer.
  2. Jazzy1985

    Extinction Boss

    Don't want to point fingers but I never had a problem in PvE 2 years ago on Island, the community was wonderful and we all helped each other out. there was never any issues at all between players in PvE. I came back for aberration, there wasn't any problems either and we all helped each other out.... then I started playing Extinction 2 months ago, there has nothing but problems with people kiting dinosaurs to other people's bases, griefing, harassing, damaging people's tames etc. The difference? There was hardly any Chinese back then when I first played ARK on both Island and aberration but for this DLC, they are everywhere on our map with names we cannot decipher and makes it hard to report so they end up being lobbed into one group together even if the majority are decent people but all it takes is a few of them griefing and they all get blamed as a group... IMHO the settings needs to be altered somewhat in PvE extinction further, the changes to OSD were a step in the right direction but more needs to be done... I would suggest that damage from corrupted dinosaurs and titans to people's bases in PvE is disabled entirely and block any form of building in wastelands or add a decay to buildings in wastelands so that there is no advantage gained from this. In addition, players from the same tribe and alliance should be only able to damage the titan that they summoned. The King Titan also needs to be leashed to it's own platform as well to prevent players abusing it to grief players.
  3. Jazzy1985

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    Maybe you should consider fixing the problems with Extinction servers and all the bugs that still hasn't been fixed since day 1 before releasing a new game. Why should i fork out more money to support Wildcard after the countless times they've let me down with their customer service and they don't seem to have a particularly good technical team either.
  4. Jazzy1985

    PVE Servers Crashing

    491 also offline, was crashing every few mins with 255 ping.