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  1. 9 hours ago, GP said:

    Not to nit pick or anything but they never said delayed by a "few" weeks, they said delayed by "some" weeks.

    Definition of the word some:

    1. 1.
      an unspecified amount or number of.
      "I made some money running errands"

    So lets try and drop these constant unfounded allegations that WC are lieing all the time. Because in reality it's people either listening to rumour, not listening properly, or hearing what they want to hear.

    So when they said October before they weren't lying?

  2. Tomorrow marks the 2 weeks since they said it was going to be delayed  a few weeks 

    If out of 10,5 is a mid number then anything 4 or less counts as a few by this I am going to say within the next 2 weeks if any longer then they have lied yet again

    Definition of the word few:

    a small number of.
    "may I ask a few questions?"
    synonyms: a small number, a handful, one or two, a couple, two or three; 
    not many, hardly any
    "there weren't many biscuits, but we saved you a few"


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