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  1. @WildcardJen what time can we expect the dlc for xbox and ps4 to hit tomorrow
  2. Hello Again So quick comment seems as if its forgot about WHERE ARE THE S+ STUFFS you said you were adding
  3. Tomorrow marks the 2 weeks since they said it was going to be delayed a few weeks If out of 10,5 is a mid number then anything 4 or less counts as a few by this I am going to say within the next 2 weeks if any longer then they have lied yet again Definition of the word few: a small number of. "may I ask a few questions?" synonyms: a small number, a handful, one or two, a couple, two or three; not many, hardly any "there weren't many biscuits, but we saved you a few"
  4. No more mysterious mysteries they need to mysteriously get the dlc done insted of posting stuff about things in the dlc
  5. Bought the season pass for pc was hopeing to play it before the new star wars game comes out but if they both come out the same day and its the new dlc vs starwars lol im going to choose starwars over the delayed dlc this is bull crap you got your money NOW GIVE ME MY DLC
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