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  1. I dont want to sound rude but nobody liked SOTF but the people who played it, anyone else including me did not like it. This game involves dinos and we need to use them instead of running around on foot with snipers and bows. Which is why we need our dinos balanced for PVP. I do agree on there needing to be certain patches for PVE and PVP that shouldnt effect eachother but getting WC to fix anything at the moment is a struggle itself.
  2. Tell me if you enjoy the sounds of this METAS really quick and it'll make you realise how fixes in this game need to be sorted for PVP Flyers that can pick you up and drag you into bases quicker than you can blink. Being able to beer / cake a Tanking dino just so it lasts an extra 30 mins tanking Veg Cakes that healed 1/2 the dinos hp back per bite while tanking Longneck and fabs being 755% damage hitting your flak harder than turrets especially with aimbotters. Ghillie running 100+ turrets and shock darts that make a character not move for a long period of time. Being able to walk a turtle or any dino with no box on the back to a base and c4 off the back of it and manage to get inside in minutes. Now thats just 1 of the old metas. These days it is Snow owl slow the enemy Throw a giga Instantly kill. or Using a mek to debuff / not even needing to because your meks do so much dmg it doesnt matter for debuff not being able to run from a mek because of the debuff or even how much dmg the pistol does end up losing tames that take 2 weeks to raise because of 1 stupid broken robot. OR All this Sh** at once. So you decide if PVP needs to be fixed or not. Most fixes in this game are PVP related because its not ideal to watch someone run 100 turrets on foot or watch 30 tapes fly into a base instead of having to tank it for hours or even watching a dino like manas 1 tapping you off the back of a tame that took you 2 weeks to raise i.e Giga As for the same effects, No. it does not effect you at all, im sorry you have to hold down your owl for an extra second now to freeze and having to wait a 10 SECOND timer to freeze another dino just to knock it out and realise that after 3 years you do have better stats anyway. Any other changes in this testing is nothing for PVE.
  3. Ok so 1 theres no flyer nerf involved in this testing other than waiting an extra second for an owl to freeze 2 theres nothing about a mana / velo nerf 3 theres nothing about a alliance war bug so yes i am right this will not effect pve as far as i can read : )
  4. Im sorry but can you please inform me on how this in any way, shape or form this affects PVE? you guys have had 2-3 years of "FUN" on PVE servers with WCs fast responses meanwhile we have to sit here and suffer, I think its fantastic WC is finally helping us and working with us on PVP servers instead of having to think about you guys on your no fighting servers. Us PVPers have alot more to lose than your glasshouses. Please explain how any of this PUNISHES you on your beloved PVE servers. - Mek shield debuff set to not be given on shield deactivation - Outside of Mek shield debuff reduced to 30 seconds (from 60) - Snow Owl freeze buff set to not dismount riders - Players and Dino’s are immune to the snow owl freeze for 10 seconds after being frozen - Reduced Tek Tapejara Saddle projectile damage by 30% - Reduced Tek Tapejara Saddle projectile damage to structures by 75% - Dropped Plant Species Z Fruit weight to 10
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