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  1. Any news on this? Been a while since we've heard anything from the Devs, anyone know how the hunt is going?
  2. Been gone for a while, just got back and tried to log on to official servers last night, still cannot log onto any official servers. Many patches later, official release, more DLC coming, and we still cannot play. I can log onto unofficial pc servers all day, but official servers still time me out.
  3. I've got a static IP, and I haven't been able to log onto any official servers, the pc hosted servers are fine. I was going to check out if my pc can log onto any official servers, but my pc is being a douche and I cant get on ark right now.
  4. I have updated my xbox one to the current build, I will check tonight to see if I can log on with that, I will also update my pc to the current build and check that for you as well.
  5. Connecting From: Texas, USA Connection Type: Fixed Wireless Broadband IP Address: Connecting To: Any Official Server, New or Legacy
  6. I haven't patched today, but as of the 1.41 patch, the problem was still there, on every official server. I listed all servers, legacy and new and tried every one of them and got timed out, I will get you my IP, I am in US, Texas, and am connecting by wireless DSL I guess is what it is. There is a tower about a mile away that a radio on my roof connects to. My nephew has the same type of internet, different company, and can connect fine, even with my account.
  7. Awesome, new DLC, I really wish I could get on an official server to play the poop that I've bought on all 3 platforms, I can't even get on official servers to play the maps out now, and they want to release DLC? I have supported and defended this company for years, and this is how they repay their long time players. Thanks WC, much appreciated.
  8. Same, I can now get on the unofficial servers, but no new official servers. I actually listed all servers in the search and went through every one of them, EU and NA, same thing on every server.
  9. I had the bug that wasn't allowing me to join any official servers after 1.34, it is now 1.38 and I still have the issue, I realize that help for me joining the legacy servers can no longer be given, so now I am asking for help joining new servers, I still get the host timed out message when trying to join any new servers, these are servers that are not full, and it's not giving me the server is full message, it's still the same old host tinned out.
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