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  1. I will get back to building a prison then thanks for the quick response ( i will accept this as a Successful Response )
  2. code of conduct does not state about the prisoners for how long i dont want to be dev wiped because i want to hold players prisoner
  3. What are the Rules for keeping someone Prisoner? Hi, If i am to knock someone out and keep them prisoner and handcuffed to a chair. How long am i allowed to keep them for before it becomes out of hand ? Some War Raid can take up to 30-40hrs with decent bases and if i grab someone and keep him hostage while we wipe the base. eg if its 24hrs say i keep him 24hrs captured then kill him. then go recapture him again would that be seperate instances ? I just want to know the official Ruling without breaking the rules thanks.
  4. Thanks for the Quick Reply and the information. If anyone Disagrees with this let me know thanks. I am taking this as the successful answer.
  5. Does Boss Fights Health Change based on tames health you take in? When i go in to boss fights does the BOSSES HEALTH change Based on : Does it change if we take in high health Does it change if we take in more players ? Does it change if we take in high melee ? Does it change if we take in high levels ? Or Does the Bosses just have a static Health based on Gamma , Beta , Alpha ?
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