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  1. Love the teaser trailer! Can't wait to see what poor Bob will get himself into next. Also, I love the soundtrack, the Dragon Boss, and the end game Ascension tracks are glorious!
  2. Thanks for the help. It's weird though, my character is completely gone, all the dino dossiers and explorer notes are gone, but I can still do the hairstyles but instead of the name of the hairstyle it just gives a question mark. I know it's linked to my achievements, so I figured the names would still be there. anyway, I'm just going to get the dossiers and explorer notes again on SP using the "setplayerpos", since I already got the achievements without using the admin commands, I just figure I will save some time there. Also my structures and dinos are still there so I just did the "givetome" command. I realized it wasn't too big of a deal, but thanks guys!
  3. So...does that mean my character and all I worked for gone for good? Just wondering.
  4. Hi there can any tell me why, after playing Single Player, the character I was using was gone, and also any skins I have achieved are gone as well. My structures and dinos are still there, but my character is gone. After doing the alpha for the Tek Cave, I went through the whole thing and also the end credits, I went to start up and my character wasn't there to download. Can someone tell me what might have happened also I am on PS4. Thank you guys.
  5. Sheep coming...ok now I have to raise a purple wyvern and name it Spyro.