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  1. gfan84

    Why I feel Single Player is Important

    I'm glad I started this subject. All of you have great points to single player both good and bad. I noticed though the unfortunate trend that many people keep with single player is because of the politics and trolling on the multiplayer servers. The mechanics of this game really do encourage team work but not everyone plays nice. I was on an unofficial server today and chatting with the players on there (mind you this is pvp) most if not all of the players are paranoid of the other people on the server even their own tribemates! So it's basically become more of a "your on your own" mentality even though cooperation is the basis of having a pve server.
  2. Hey guys, so I have been thinking about my first experience with ARK on my PS4, and since the official release (seeing all the brand new players) I have come to realize how much my single player playthrough has helped me out. Single player allows you to start the game on your own time and figure out what is going on and how to make things on your own. This experience is invaluable when it comes time to head into an online mode whether it be pvp or pve. When I first started the game, and went with single player, I have absolutely no idea what all those settings were for. So I actually didn't change anything (for fear I'd make the game crash...no joke) and started the game fresh. Let me tell you starting a brand new experience on your own dropped on an unforgiving island was both breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely terrifying! I knew I needed food and started to gather berries (I started in the easy southern part) and it took me a while to figure out how to harvest from trees lol. So long story short, I had to figure out everything on my own, I very rarely looked up how to make things because I wanted to figure it out on my own. I even got killed by an angry trike after it woke up because I didn't know how to force feed it narco berries. But the fact that I was able to figure it out and do it on my own without other players assisting me I feel made me more capable of a player to go on pvp and pve servers. Actually to this day, on pve I very rarely if at all join a tribe, I know I can make it on my own (not counting bosses). Heck my shining moment in my single player is being stranded on a rock, my ptero dead, and two rexes trying to make me their next meal! I start to desperately fire as many tranq arrows from my crossbow as I can, (by the end, my crossbow was almost broke) and I had two unconscious rexes, one was sacrificed to feed the other one, but nothing beats the feeling of taming your first rex solo! so my overarching point is that single player is a valuable mode to play on and I would definitely recommend any new player buying ark to start on single player without touching the modifiers and just explore and have fun. Since the game's official release I have started on a new official island server and I cannot believe how many poor new players are spamming the comments asking about how to do the most basic task in this game (though I usually cut them some slack because I was in their situation long ago). But honestly I think single player is a good way to at least become accustom to the game, until you are confident enough to start playing on pve or pvp.
  3. Hey there guys, since one of the big draws of ARK was the fact that you could tame and ride many of the prehistoric animals in the game I thought would be an interesting discussion of different facts surrounding the various dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Lets begin, and feel free to add to this conversation... Large Dinosaurs May Not Have Roared - Many scientist that have studied the fossilized remains of dinosaurs have suggested that many of the large dinosaurs may not have had the capacity to roar. Instead my have theorized that large dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Sauropods, and others may have just honked or even chirped. (A bit disappointing) Feathers of Dinosaurs May have Looked Different - Some research has suggested that the feathers on dinosaurs may have looked a bit different than modern day birds. These feathers may not have been bushy or soft but rather like bristles or spiked hair. Connection Between Dinosaurs and Birds Has been around for a Long Time - Paleontologists had made the connection between dinosaurs and birds since the late 1960s/ early 1970s. Mainstream media however didn't really pick up on the idea until the 1990s, particularly with timing of Jurassic Park. Ironically enough one of the first Mainstream movies that made the connection between Dinosaurs and birds was Godzilla 1985 (aka Return of Godzilla 1984 Japanese Title). Many of the Prehistoric Mammals wear still alive at the Dawn of Man - Animals like the Mammoth, Sabertooth Tiger, Wolly Rhino, and others lived alongside of early Man. Many archaeologists believe that mankind is the reason for some of these species to go extinct; however climate change, food shortages, and low birth rates have also been factored as well. Tyrannosaurus Rex Had the Largest Biting Force - Through fossil and computer calculating evidence it has been shown that Tyrannosaurus Rex had the Largest biting force of any Terrestrial (land dwelling) animal in existence. This helps support the idea of a one bite one kill, as a Tyrannosaurus Rex could have bitten down on a prey animal crushing it's spine or neck. At the very least this could have allowed Tyrannosaurus Rex to crush bones to get at the nutrition rich bone marrow that other dinosaurs could not. Why Some Dinosaurs Are More Popular Than Others - With all of the various species of dinosaurs found throughout history why are some more popular than others? Timing and place are the main reason for this. Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex are three of the most popular icons of dinosaurs, mainly out of timing and place. At the turn of the century these dinosaurs were found and found in America. Museums in America were quick to capitalize on these newly found prehistoric creatures to show off to the world (mainly New York City). Also scientists had a very good collection of their fossils so for the most part experts had a very good idea of how these dinosaurs looked. One other huge reason for these dinosaurs popularity was their names, with dinosaurs being found now in lots of countries many people (including myself) have a very hard time pronouncing and even spelling the dinosaurs' names. However a name like Tyrannosaurus Rex (literally meaning "Tyrant Lizard King") is a very simple and powerful name.
  4. Yeah I am sorry about that, it was the only way for me. I think it has to do with multiple characters but I haven't really pinpointed it, I have requested a ticket. However I think when it comes to single player there might not be much they can do, considering that the save is on the console not online.
  5. ugh! This happened to me too, sorry to say this but I had to go back and find all the dossiers, explorer notes, and physically get all the artifacts again too. this happened to me not during server migration but after ascension my main character was gone after it (this is a known glitch having multiple characters ascend) unfortunately as I said I had to go and do all of that exploring all over again ugh! Sorry for your loss there, I feel for you.
  6. gfan84

    map resetting

    I have the same problem, but not on the island just on the other maps. but yeah, it sucks that this is low on the pole for a fix, it's not really game breaking, just annoying!
  7. Hi there, hey same thing happened to my single player characters. Unfortunately there is no roll back for single player. This happened to me twice, I got lucky on the second time I got lucky and downloaded an older save file from PSN. Unfortunately it seems like ascension for some reason deletes all of your player info, including map exploration, and any skins you have achieved through your trophies. I hate to tell you this other bad news but if you want your skins and hairstyles back you will have to do the actions that the trophies needed you to do to active them again. for instance, collecting all of the explorer notes and dossiers. Also for collecting the artifacts in the caves you cannot just spawn them in your inventory you have to physically go and get them (a real pain!) Sorry this happened to you, it happened to me. I hope this bit of info helps, but yeah it sucks!
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think yhere's a bug I got on again and they came up fine this time. Don't know why they weren't spawning, from reading reddit this seems to be a known issue that happens randomly.
  9. Hi there on my single player, playthrough the artifacts are not showing up in their spots in the caves. I was wondering how to fix this as I am trying to get the artifact collector trophy. Note I did resort to admin commands for the artifacts, but no trophy. Thanks for the help.
  10. Love the teaser trailer! Can't wait to see what poor Bob will get himself into next. Also, I love the soundtrack, the Dragon Boss, and the end game Ascension tracks are glorious!
  11. Thanks for the help. It's weird though, my character is completely gone, all the dino dossiers and explorer notes are gone, but I can still do the hairstyles but instead of the name of the hairstyle it just gives a question mark. I know it's linked to my achievements, so I figured the names would still be there. anyway, I'm just going to get the dossiers and explorer notes again on SP using the "setplayerpos", since I already got the achievements without using the admin commands, I just figure I will save some time there. Also my structures and dinos are still there so I just did the "givetome" command. I realized it wasn't too big of a deal, but thanks guys!
  12. gfan84

    limited collectors edition

    Sorry to hear that, maybe ask WC who their vendor is for it? Also off topic what did you think about the book, and the soundtrack that came with it?
  13. gfan84

    Required oxygen to out swim a megalodon.

    I'm not quite sure of the reason why they nerfed it to begin with.
  14. gfan84

    Required oxygen to out swim a megalodon.

    that got nerfed too, it's almost non-existant. it used to give I think about 20% more swim movement now I think it's 3%.
  15. gfan84

    Required oxygen to out swim a megalodon.

    I will add, that if you are playing on unofficial or SP, edit your oxygen stats on your character and dinos...it's a blast! Imagine a bronto swimming faster than running on land lol.