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  1. Hi guys, I was just wondering now that the full story of ARK has been showed, who was your favorite explorer story in the game? For me it was Helena and Mei. Helena is the most popular (from what I have seen) but I think it is because she seems to be the person we can relate to the most as she comes from "modern day Australia." But also she is the creator of the dino Dossiers from the Island to Extinction and this gives the player a reference to the creatures found in the game. We also sort of see the world through her eyes by the writings themselves, from the time we first see the sun rise and set, to the first time we realize a Rex can survive in the snow attacking a mammoth. Then there is Mei, who is just all around awesome, she's like the warrior queen or "Beast Queen" as others have described her. She is the one who we players hope to be, taming the most powerful and high level creatures we can find and sending them off to battle with ourselves at the head of the pack. Her story on the Island is my favorite, and her rivalry to Nerva leads to both an epic battle and a bit of heartbreak as well, though her biggest defeat was on Aberration. She is also a strong willed character, but has some moments of being helpless as well, and I really like the bond of friendship between her and Helena. So who are your favorite Explorer Notes?
  2. The check on the Dossiers means you have tamed that creature, and the lock icon behind the note meaning another one of your characters has unlocked that note, not the one you are currently playing as.
  3. Wow, you watched Netflix and played ARK at the same time???? You are an inspiration to us all! ?
  4. Well...never thought about that one but ok! Remind me never to cross you in the future.
  5. Hi guys so I wanted to ask you all what little details about the game that you love? For me it's the sound of the game, the jungles have an ambient sound of birds chirping, to the snowy mountains having howling winds. I also love the soundtrack, and each encounter depending where it takes place has it's own soundtrack. Also details like knocking over snow covered trees and seeing snow fall off is a nice touch. Also the Animal A.I. like when you ride a rex or giga most animals (not all) don't incite an attack. What all do you guys think?
  6. Welcome! Some tips, play the game a bit on your own, to see how the mechanics and how the game works, most tribes want you to be at least somewhat self-sufficient. Also don't worry too much about taming just focus on your character at first, then worry about taming the beasts of ARK. hope that helps, and good luck!
  7. I feel for you. Artifacts have been very hard to obtain for a while now, especially on the Island, they don't spawn like they should. For what I have read ever since the patch that forced a 30 min cooldown inbetween grabbing artifacts people have stated that the artifacts even after the 30 mins have gone by aren't showing up. In other words many have just resorted to admin commands to spawn them in, at least on Single Player and private servers.
  8. Hmm, ok I'll look into it. Thanks for the advice.
  9. True, but I thought you had to convert the files first?
  10. Ok so here's how I was able to recover my deleted character in Single Player that I had invested a lot of time into (since Early Access). Ok so this maybe late for many of you but it worked for me, so I guess better late than never. Ok back when the game was in Early Access I lost my first character to an update, (I think it was the first Ascension update). My character and all of my progress were gone in an instant, all of my skins, my map that I explored...GONE! I was fit to be tied, so I figured out a way to some how save my next character from the same fate, and I figured it out! I am going through the step by step process for you guys and I hope to help someone else from this terrible thing I had to experience... STEP 1: First of all you MUST have PS Plus or this will not work! Step 2: Go to the PS settings and go to the online storage opinions, and select Auto Upload tab. Step 3: Disable the Auto Upload for ARK Step 4: If your character never gotten deleted you will not need to go through the other steps, just stopping the Auto Upload for ARK will be fine. Step 5: Start the game, and unfortunately you will have to go through the process of getting the artifacts, dossiers, boss fights, etc. Step 6: At your own discretion, after each milestone of the game, (boss fight, artifacts, dossiers,etc) make sure that a save has happened at the bottom right corner of the game. Exit the game. Step 7: Go back to PS Settings, Online Storage, and select Upload. Step 8: Upload your current saves on ARK. This way you will always have a "cloud" save of ARK on PS Plus, if another bug or glitch deletes your saved Single Player character, you can always go back and re-download it. By disabling the Auto Upload, this puts YOU in control of your "cloud" saves. I hope this helps you guys, good luck Survivors!
  11. My Tek Saddles aren't working on my Single Player either, so it must be a bug with the actual game not gportal or Nitrado. Hopefully it will be resolved soon, because what is the point of having Endgame material when you can't use it?
  12. I am on Single Player and the same is happening to me, though I can load element but when I go to engage firing mode nothing happens. I am also on PS4. Also from what I read this was a bug on Steam about a year ago...so I guess consoles got it as well.
  13. Ha...yeah I should take a Giga, cause she is prone to go into Rage mode from time to time Thanks!
  14. So a few day's ago my wife and I went to the Mall to look for Christmas gifts for our families. We went into Gamestop so i could pick up my brother a gift card for his PS4. While we were there my wife asked the store clerk to pull down something from the shelf, which i didn't see until I looked at her at the counter to check out. Low and behold, there was an ARK Collector's Edition for the PS4 still on the shelf! It had dust on it and looked like it had been there forever. Here a customer ordered it but never came and picked it up so it went back on the shelf to be resold. The employee said it had been moved about twenty times out of the way so the manager put it up on the top shelf under all the new merchandise. My wife had decided to get it for me as an early Christmas present...but it doesn't end there. Here it had been at the store for so long that the price was only $89! So not only did I get the Collector's edition, with all the goodies inside, (yes the season pass was still valid) but at half the retail price as well. Somehow I got extremely lucky....lucky I married such a great woman! PS - However that said, when I was playing ARK during Early Access, my wife threatened me with divorce because, "I paid too much attention on taming a stupid Brontosaurus, than her" as she put it lol.
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